House – Aug. 30

The Bricks looked better when I went out.IMG_20180829_125707028.jpgIMG_20180829_125724478.jpg

Better don’t you think?


Also they were tearing the curb up, drilling into it when I was out there yesterday afternoon. And the rolling bin was still sitting in our front yard.


Not totally sure what they are doing there with the curb…I thought maybe putting in drainage because they were doing it up and down the road.  But also was told it could be them getting ready for putting in the utilities, though there are others on that road living already.  Probably gas and such…. ??

Doors were locked so couldn’t go in. It was pretty muddy so I didn’t walk around and look in the windows.  They are all on the ground floor, so pretty easy to do that. We are going to be going out of town for nearly two weeks so it will be pretty interesting to see what all has happened when we get back.

Today On The Mississppi – Aug. 29

Nice Day!! Sun is up and you can see it! Cooler today, Mandy and I love that. No rain until perhaps later in the afternoon.


Sun is coming up and there is a good deal of river fog. Really cooled down last night into the 50s.  It is still only 58 outside.  And for the FIRST time since we have been here by the river…which is since May 19th….the camper has dropped below 70 degrees inside.  Our camper retains heat very well.  No air conditioning now and it is currently 66 degrees inside. Love that too.



Just a couple of shots of the misty fog on the river.

Mandy 8.29.18.jpg

Mandy: Mom, attention PLEASE!  I need to take you outside…could be a good shadow day. Stop typing!!!

Good Wednesday!


House – Aug. 29

Even though it was a gloomy, rainy day things were still going on at the house. I went in the afternoon around 1pm and the rain had stopped. Nice and muddy out there. But where they had readied the driveway was still pretty good to walk on.IMG_20180828_134814636_HDR.jpg

Brick on the front was finally installed. Though looking at it in the afternoon made me a little nervous.IMG_20180828_135916267.jpg

What a mess it was! So sloppy and gross looking.


Yet I was still thinking…well I hope they aren’t done with it.

We weren’t going to go back in the evening because they said they were going to start locking it.  But the brick was bugging me so much that I decided we had to go and see if it was fixed. Otherwise I’d be talking to someone about it.


Much better!!! Though it is still wet and will dry lighter, like the fireplace did.


It is a process I guess. I was thinking these guys knew what they were doing, still I was relieved to see it wasn’t being left a mess.


Above you see the kitchen, however, this is the guy who does the tile and the brick. Nice guys. This is one of the guys I talked to about them putting in the wrong shower tile.  I think he was thinking it was the ‘customer’s’ mistake when I was telling him.  But the next day found out it wasn’t, he was very good about redoing the tile that he had to removed and replace with the right stuff. He even said he liked it much better. 🙂


I think the shower is really nice.  I will get better photos when I can, but tile folks were in there so I didn’t want to bother them. When we go back in the evening it has been too dark to get proper photos. Mostly because of the lack of sunny days, but the length of daylight is lessening as the the days go by, bringing us into Fall.

It should be pretty soon that they get the floor in and then the lighting.  Counter tops should be coming soon as well.

Speaking of counter tops….:)


This is the main bathroom to be used by our ‘guests’ mostly. Cabinet in there.

Interior colors.jpg

The counter SHOULD be the light marble located in the lower left-hand corner of the photo. (for the main bath)

For the master bath the counter should be the one shown above the sample for the main bath – it is a little darker marble.master bath.jpg

This is the cabinet in the master bath. That’s the guy working on the shower in there…still working.


Above is the cabinet in the laundry room. No counter top yet either. Of course the hardware isn’t on the cabinets, but the boxes of hardware is there.  So those will probably go on pretty soon as well.


Also regarding the kitchen, I believe you can see the support for the quartz counter top too.  On the photo of the interior colors – you can see the quartz counter top is the on the right bottom of the photo.  It actually has tiny flecks of green …here and there.. you can’t see them in the photo.  Chances are they will be hard to spot in the top when it is on the cabinets too.  So…..

Also, want to show this… I mentioned it yesterday but didn’t have a photo:


This is our patio in the back of the house.  The rain was heavy and washed out a lot of soil under it. I am hoping there is a way for them to push it back under. My thought is that sometime down the road it will crack because there is no longer any ‘ground support’ under part of it.  I haven’t said anything to the builder though because not all of ‘us’ agree that it could be an issue. Ahem….


But Mandy and I are concerned about the erosion.  Perhaps they will fix it up when it comes to them putting in the sod.  Which also will probably happen in the next 3 weeks or so.

House – Aug. 28

Was over at the house yesterday around noon. Just before the storms came through. It is pretty tough to get down that street right now.


They are prepping the driveway for asphalt. You can see how dark the sky is getting.


Still no porch poured.

I finally found a little place to park to walk up to the house and look inside to see what was going on.


I didn’t go in any further than just standing in the door. I saw the cabinets were being worked on in the kitchen.  Could be they are also being worked on in the bathroom…but the person had their tools strung out across the area and was on a ladder working on the cabinet. So I just left, didn’t want to get in their way or cause them problems.

We drove by when the rain let up some after dinner.  They did not pour any concrete or do the driveway.  We did notice that the soil is running out from underneath the patio in the back due to the fact that there has been a lot of rain the last couple of days, and there is no sod down yet to hold the soil in place.  So we will need them to fix that before laying the sod.  I should have taken a photo, but didn’t we were on the road behind our house, so I didn’t. When I get over there again (which probably won’t be today because it will be too muddy to walk to the back) I will take a photo of that.

No floor in yet either.  That will probably come after they are done with the mill work.




Today On the Mississippi – Aug. 28

Again….yucko. Rain and cooler today. Storms yesterday afternoon, it rained really hard for quite a while.  It stopped. Now this morning this is what we see again.


This rain is going to be here for a while.  It is so dark we had to have the light on to take a photo of our divine Miss M.


She is not a ‘rain’ hound.


Mandy: Go away, Mom, I’m sleeping in this morning!

Good Tuesday!

Today On The Mississippi – Aug. 27

Overcast today, VERY HUMID, hazy and hot. If Mandy really could talk she’d say “Yucko”.


It’s a bit like a sauna out there.


This past weekend we had our Kee with us again. Always fun when he is around! This time I took pictures when we were fishing.


Unfortunately, the time and day we picked….I guess they were flying ants, but they were having a huge hatch day…mating day – whatever.  It was actually kind of freaky…they didn’t hurt you or anything, but there were just fairly thick and made it pretty unpleasant.


We lasted about half an hour, no fish.  Then cleared out as they continued to get worse.


We retreated into the camper where we played a game then watch an AGT rerun and the movie ‘Back To The Future’.

You know, we generally don’t have a lot of bugs here…but seems when company comes to hang with us – we have bad bug days.  So no campfire that night either.

Last night I was trying to take a good photo of the moon as it has been just beautiful. But again I don’t have my ‘good’ camera…so did my best with my cell camera. Still looks kind of cool.


You can kind of see the reflection of the moon in the river.  It was much more dramatic than it looks in the photo.

This leads me to the pouting Miss M:

Mandy 8.27.18.jpg

Mandy: Sigh….it really is stinky outside..not even a good shadow day. I want to walk, but I don’t want to walk! What’s a girl to do??

Good Monday!


House – Aug. 24

Well, updates on the house will be limited now, as we are locked out.  The house has gotten far enough along that they now have lock boxes on the house and we have to  request entry and wait for someone to let us in.  I hate to bug folks all of the time to come let us in, so I probably won’t be able to go inside everyday to see what’s new.  I will probably still go over mid-day and if it is open with people working, I will go in.  But once the works are gone the house is locked up again and so our evening visits will probably be pretty few and far in between.

A lot has happened with the house, last time we were there.IMG_20180824_171321878.jpg

The kitchen is really starting to take shape.  Floor isn’t in yet, but is coming this week I am betting.IMG_20180824_171319791.jpg

They still have a lot to do of course besides the floor.  The moldings…wood work, has to be installed, another coat of paint will be applied once they have finished doing all the work that messes up the walls.  That’s the front door that is down the hall to the right of the photo.


The tile in our shower has been completed.  This is just part of the shower area.  It is large with a drying area…so no shower curtain is needed.  Cool…I hope – never had a large shower like this one before.  Then the part you are looking ‘through’ where the tape is, will actually be a large glass panel that doesn’t open.  I think it will be frosted glass? You would think we’d know for sure huh? 🙂


The doors are all hung. This is going into the guest bedroom…which was once going to be the office, but then was decided to have the office in the guest bedroom and the guest bedroom in the office. Mostly because we can then have a crib and/or Futon in the office too, as the room is a little bigger. So when children and grandchildren come they will be closer together and have their own spaces.  Also, because the office will then be in the very front of the house, having more windows and will just be a room that will be used more. Of course, any of this could again change once we actually move in.


We ordered our washer and dryer over the weekend.  They will be a slate color.  I got smaller ones because I had some really fancy new ones before we sold our old house and I struggled with using them they were so large…and I am kind of short.  So I would have to get on a stool to be able to reach the bottom of the washer, or hang over the top with my feet off the ground to grab the stuff on the bottom.  I decided we just didn’t need a washer that big anymore. So…. when shopping I went with a smaller washer in mind.  We shopped now because the sales are on, and we will be traveling over Labor Day…for a little while.  They were fine with delivering them the day after we close in October.

We are also shopping for window shades and I have to get over there this week to have them measure, before we leave our camping spot here for a little while.  So I will see what I can do about that…I will have to call folks to set something up by Thursday.  Then we have two weeks after that to get in on the window treatment sale after that. We should be back by then and I will get in and work with someone there.  Everything is on the main floor now, so unlike our other house that was two stories and in the woods, we will need shades as soon as we can get them up.

Also, last week, I got our insurance for the house set up. The lender was requesting information on that.  All of our information requested was sent into the lender.  We should be pretty ready to rock when the time comes!  AND we got a place reserved to store our camper as now we cannot store it at our house.  So that was kind of a relief!

Sorry I am talking so much here… but just bringing it all up to date.




Today On The Mississippi

Yuck! Storms went through heavy rain…rained ALL day.  Though we need the rain… no walking outside today.  Got a lot done for the house…got the forms in, Ins for the new house, a place to store the camper since we can’t keep it at the house like we did at our old house.  So, productive, but my butt hurts from sitting so much. 😉


Mandy: and I wish my bathroom was not outside!!!

Mandy 8.24.18.jpg



Happy Friday!

House Aug. 23rd

Lots going on at the house when we were there last night.IMG_20180823_192323766_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg

A pile of cabinets came. They go all over the house not just the kitchen.  It was a surprise to see them!

The Stone for the front of our house has arrived.  So the rest of the brickwork should be done soon.  BUT it really poured a lot of the day today, so I’m thinking the porch still has not been poured, nor the brickwork done.  I didn’t go over at noon like I normally do, but we will get over there this evening to see what’s going on.


Our doors arrived.


The interior trims have arrived.


And the wall tile of our shower was in, no floor and it still needs to be grouted. I supposed that may have happened today…it is all inside.

So just a bit of what is going on.  I would imagine we should be seeing the flooring over there pretty soon too.

Today On The Mississippi 8.23


The sun is peeking out this morning. Cool start but warming up quickly. Sunny this morning, but it is supposed to change…maybe rain later today? We need it.




Mandy: It’s bright out today! And Mom is doing that ‘Shadow’ thing again.


Nice shadow, Mandy! 🙂


Mandy: My bed is better as a pillow.

Happy Thursday!

House – Aug. 22

Yesterday there was still a lot going on.


We have house numbers!


First coat of paint has been applied. Fireplace still drying.


They were scraping the ‘globs’ of drywall mud and whatever else, off of the floor in prepping for laying our flooring.


Porch form, not yet pored.  AND if you look at the house proper you will see it is prepped for the stone on the front. That is the black ‘sheeting’ under the windows. We will have brick on the front.

exterior of new house..jpg

Brick that will be on the outside of the house is at the bottom of the photo above.




The incorrect tile was removed.


New tile was delivered.

Also, when we went over in the evening, they were putting up the new tile, shown above, in the shower. So that should be finished today.  The tile contractors were glad we’d caught it early.

I didn’t take a photo, but dirt had also been moved around again, looked like they were setting things up for the sprinkler system.



Today On The Mississippi

Yesterday it was gloomy and looked like it would rain all day.  We really need the rain, but very little fell.


People were still out there fishing in their boat. By the time I got the camera they were behind the trees, but you can still see them a little.


Today, however, they sun has decided to make an appearance again, which is nice…all that dreary weather was getting pretty old. As a plus it is not so hot and humid today either.


Though it is still a haze from the Canadian fires, the sun is showing through the trees.

Have a good Wednesday!

House – Aug. 21

When I went over yesterday afternoon it was SO busy by the house that I didn’t even get out of the car. Seemed like all the trades were there working.All trades were there 8.21.2018.jpg

I couldn’t even get down the street to the house from this direction, so I went around and came in the other way.

They were laying sod at other houses, but not ours yet.IMG_20180821_114703487_HDR.jpg

Just quite the mess there right now. Our house is the one that still has the rolling blue dumpster sitting in front of it.


They had begun pouring our garage floor and had the form in to pour our front porch.


We went back in the evening and the garage floor had been finished. But no porch yet.IMG_20180820_174238946.jpg

Inside the house, below.

They had sanded the walls and begun doing things inside:IMG_20180821_181445016.jpg

Put brick around the fireplace. It looks pretty dark because they had just finished it and hopefully it will lighten up between the bricks some when it is dry.

This is a photo of what was picked:


Unfortunately in the master bathroom we found the wrong tile being installed.


This is a dark brown tile. We chose a light gray tile. (see below – it is the tile at the top of the photo.)

Interior colors.jpg

So I have contacted the builder, and the design center person about correcting that. Glad that I found it before it was completed. So far it is only in that one area. I mentioned to the tile guys while I was there, that they should probably not put up the rest of the tile they have. So hopefully the communication and photos will make the rounds before they get back out there and continue putting in the tile in that bathroom. Looks like it was a typo on the ‘order’ form made by the person at the design center.  Should be AD03, and AD02 was what she ordered.

It will be interesting to see what all happens today.  I hope they correct the tile.

Today On The Mississippi

This weekend our grandson came out to spend Saturday night with us. He likes to go fishing and I didn’t get a single photo. 😦  But will get photos of us fishing next weekend because he will be here again.


But here he is doing another thing he likes to do, watching things and gaming on his phone.

TODAY:  Very gray and rainy. High will be in the mid-70s.IMG_20180820_091841015.jpg

We need the rain so can’t complain!


We ran out for a quick walk and got a little wet, but did it before it started to rain too hard. So it was a shortened walk.

Good Monday!

House – Aug.19

Big thing  last time we were out at the house is that they have done the knockdown ceilings. They aren’t all the way dry so it looks more spotted with dark and light.


Sun room above.


Master bedroom above.


Kitchen area, you can see they have fans pointing at the ceilings.  They are at the point where they will be going in (once it is all dry) and sanding down the walls to give them their first coat of paint.  That could happen this week.

So still moving along – though it may slow down some now as we get to all of the interior work. Most of the exterior work is done, some dowels need to be painted outside over the garage, of course pouring concrete for the front porch and sidewalk.  Getting the driveway in, pouring the garage floor…sprinkler system and sod…  So I guess there is a lot to be done outside – but not on the house proper.  They will need to put in the lights as well outside too…finish the electrical.  They also gouged the foundation a little with some of the heavy equipment. So we will be making sure they ‘fix’ that before we close on the house.

Today On The Mississippi

Ugh…so yucky outside.  Today is overcast, humid and HOT.


Above is one side of the river’s cove.


Above is the other side.


That is a robin standing by the cove, small and hard to see. If you think it looks kind of ‘swampy’, yes…the cove is not real attractive right now.  It has been hot and though storms pass close to us, the rain just does not come.  So the river is not moving as swiftly and the water in the cove is getting lower and lower.  The ‘muck’ isn’t really moving out because of the lack of water stimulation. People here are watering their lots.  The river is so calm and moving so slowly that you really have to look carefully to see it is still moving (as rivers do).

mandy 8.3.18.jpg

Mandy: Boy, am I crabby today, doesn’t matter if it IS Friday…it is not a good walking day and I think a fly bit my butt when we were outside.  THEN Mom made me stay in the grass for a little bit, when I wanted to be on the road, because of a car coming by. Since they go only 5 mph here and stop to talk to everyone, it took forever to go by…..and I am SO mad at her right now for making me stay when I didn’t want to. Not a good shadow day either and I am going to stay INSIDE!

Mom: Oh…so YOU’RE mad huh? You didn’t exactly make me happy.   I’m thinking maybe you are being spoiled a little too much.

Mandy: Mom, you canNOT spoil me too much…that’s not even a THING.  🙂

Have a Fantastic Friday.

Today On The Mississippi



The sun is just peaking above the trees across the river. Sunrise is getting later each morning, of course, since Fall is not that far off. Not trying to rush it, but it is almost State Fair time and that always makes me think about the Summer yielding to Fall.

Sunny today, around 85 here.  Looks like we will actually warm up even more next week, so though the change of seasons is just around the corner, the heat is still very persistent.

Mandy 8.16.18.jpg

Mandy: I’m done eating!

Mandy2 8.16.18.jpg

Mandy: Let’s go, Mom! Outside, outside, walk, walk, walk!!


Okay…walking….and as we go we see some lovely lots right on the river. They keep their lots up so well. Nice.


I see a pink plastic flamingo has landed on the bird house.  Hopefully the birds inhabiting the house were ready for the company!

mandy shadow 8.16.18.jpg

Mandy: Mom said it was another great shadow day. I’m lookin’ pretty good! 🙂

Have a Terrific Thursday!

House – Aug. 16th


Today I was out to the house before noon. I could see that they were done with the siding. The open areas at the bottom is where they are going to put the brick we chose.

The house is supposed to be kind of a light gray/green. And the peaks are supposed to be a moss green.  However, to me it just looks like light gray and dark gray in the peaks.  Our roof has green in it, so I was hoping to have a little green on the house itself. I am kind of disappointed in the ‘green’ not really looking green.  The weird thing is that I thought it looked blueish when it was laying on the ground in front of the house.  So at least it doesn’t look blue.


They were pushing dirt around today, working on the grade and such.


Water was gathering in between the houses, so they might be working on getting that ready soon, as they have to put in sprinkler systems and sod before we close. Our house is on the left of the photo.


They were also there sanding the walls and getting it ready to paint.


You can see the tools right outside the front door, the guy is in there working, but you can’t really see him…unless you look hard enough at the doorway. I didn’t go inside.  I figure we will go inside later this evening.



Today On The Mississippi

Sunny, not quite as hot, a little less humid. Temp today will be in low 80’s.

Sunrise today below:Today on Miss 8.15.18.jpg

Mandy: Have I ever showed you my patio?  Here is me on my patio.


We use connected expens as a fence. But Mandy is never left out in it for more than a minute or two while we transfer items from outside to inside the camper.  I am always worried she will get loose, even though she never exhibits any signs of wanting to escape. Ya’ just never know, so better safe than sorry.  She is always on a regular leather lead attached to a humane choke. Her tags are kept on the collar she has on all the time. So she is living a double collar life. 😉


Mandy: Yep, see this is my lead…just an everyday ordinary leather lead. I keep telling Mom how lucky she is I walk so well all of the time. But she just never lets me off of it when we are out.  Hey…is that a bunny over there….???



Mandy: Go get it Mom! I’m going inside where it is cool, so let me know how that works out.

Mandy 8.15.18.jpg

Mandy: Heh-Heh….well why do it yourself when you have someone else do it for you, right?

Happy Day!



House – Aug. 14

It’s getting there.


I’m thinking they will most likely finish the siding this week. They are getting it done, but it is a slow process.


I did measure the patio just to be sure. 🙂  It’s right. AND I will say it looks bigger when you are actually standing on it.


Above is the front door. Nothing else was done in the house when I went yesterday evening. They have things open to let the walls and ceiling dry before they start sanding the walls and prepping for painting.

The patio is the only concrete poured so far, there is the front porch, garage floor and sidewalk still to go. We are now within 60 days of closing.

Today On the Mississippi

Sunny and hot today, rain this afternoon.

So big news for us is that our neighbors are gone.  Two of them on the right side of the camper (facing the river).  That is the thing about folks with RVs on wheels, they come and go as they please.  We do the same thing sometimes.  Our neighbors will probably be gone for a few weeks…or a month. Don’t know, but they will be back.

Meanwhile we have a lot of open space….yesss!!!!



Looking out the door of the camper (below).


Lots of action on the river in the last day or so:IMG_20180812_121056869_HDR.jpg

Our geese buddies are of course here.






And then also last night after 11pm:IMG_20180813_232108314.jpg

We have been here over 3 months and this is the first time I’ve seen a boat coming up the river so late at night. I couldn’t see the boat much – just the lights, so I don’t know what was going on.  Perhaps some night fishing?  The boat was traveling very slowly, which is probably a good idea when you are going upriver in the middle of the night when it is pitch black outside.  Weird.


Mandy: Did I just hear the word ‘treat’?? You have my full attention, Mom.  Now hand it over!

Happy Tuesday!

House – Aug. 13

A lot has happened on the house over the last couple of days. I didn’t post yesterday, just too darn busy.  But now we have our lender set up after shopping for a while, so hopefully we are good to go there! We are within the 60 day lock period and have gotten locked for our rate as well.  So now that we have locked in our rates, everyone else can breath easy that the rates will probably drop. 😉

So I will start with the outside of our house.


The siding is nearly finished.  In fact, it might be done today.


They poured the patio in the back.  It is supposed to be 12×12 but that looks so small to me.  I am going to measure it tonight. To me the squares look 4X4 instead of 6X6.   Anyway, I didn’t stand on it because it was wet.  I will get a better look today. I think we have 3 ft wide doors (but then I’m really bad at this…) but if the door is 3ft wide, I don’t see how that square of concrete is 6 feet wide.  Just sayin’.  I know Bruce is telling me otherwise, but I did in Missouri for a little while and developed that ‘show me state’ attitude. 🙂

Now inside the house.IMG_20180813_181938938_HDR.jpg

Photo: Kitchen to Sunroom

The inside is all not only has all the sheet-rock up, but is now also has the mud and taping done.  At least the first round.  Boy is it messy in there right now.


Photo: Living Room Fireplace


Photo: Dining room into Kitchen Pantry.


Today On The Mississippi

Sunny and humid today…hot!


(Above is our RV for the sake of having a photo.)

Been very busy today screening different lenders for our house that is being built.  I’ve been on the phone and computer all day long. We have a closing date now and as you can see from my other posts, the house is coming along.  SOOO I really don’t have any decent photos to post. There was a big Egret sitting on the bank and I tried sneaking out to take a photo. Shut the door to the camper and, believe it or not, scared it off. (again…I need to hone my sneaking skills.) All I got was a photo of a white blur. Not suitable for sharing.  Yes, even worse than my duck photos.

Mandy 8.10.28.jpg

Mandy: Sometimes it pays to ‘watch your own back’ – especially when Mom gets focused on something other than me! I try to tell her that’s not right, but occasionally she still thinks about something else.  Focus, Mom…Focus! Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!!!

Happy Friday and an even better weekend!!!

House – Aug. 9


The house is coming along nicely. They started the siding.  They have also gotten all of the sheet rock in.


Below is looking into the kitchen. There will be an island and right now you can see where the pantry is.


Below living room with fireplace in the corner.


Below is looking into the sun room.


Things move quickly at this point. No doubt it will slow down once they start having the trades in to do all of their jobs.

Today On The Mississippi

Hot, sunny and HUMID today.IMG_20180806_154259889_HDR.jpg

Mandy: It is definitely a tongue hanging, panting day!

Sunrise was interesting today. Not all pinks and purples, but more of just a red ball rising.  I was trying to figure out how to get a good photo of it, since my camera is actually in storage and I am having to take all the photos with my cell phone camera – though a pretty good one, not the best for trying to get some of these shots. Also a problem for my ‘duck’ photos.


Not the best for showing the ‘sun’. (above)


Miss. 8.9.18.jpg

I shot this one through a screen…yes, like a screen on a window and that allowed me to get the sun…though the sun was actually a red ball – not yellow.  Or at least so it appeared to the naked eye. Every other way I did it, you could not even see the sun.

Miss. duck on log 8.9.18.jpg

Of course, I can’t forget about that duck….out sitting on the log in the river’s cove. Mandy and I kept getting closer, trying to get a better photo, but we are going to hone our sneaking talents because it took off again before I could get close enough to not have to use the ‘zoom’ function.  (The telephoto function on my phone blurs things a bit.) Wonder where all the rest of them have gone.

Mandy 8.9.18.jpg

Mandy: Enough about that goofy duck already, Mom, Jeez!  It’s hot and I am leaving.

Good Thursday!

House – Aug. 8

The siding has been there for a week, sitting outside. They were supposed to get that up this week, but no action as of last night.  You can see in this photo that there is a house between our’s and the one that has siding.  Now that house is framed and nearly at the point where our house is at on the outside.


siding2 8.3.18.jpg

However, they are all ready to do the sheet rocking on the inside.


Plastic, sheet rock and supplies for sheet rocking all around the place.


The house is also fully insulated now. (under plastic)


Foam insulation is actually now under the plastic – the photo below was taken earlier – before the plastic was put up to rock over.


Areas on the floor painted to keep track of where light and fan fixtures are.


The photo above is the dining area between the sun room and kitchen island.

Back of living room gas fireplace, before ready for sheet rock below.


We are supposed to have all lever door handles throughout the house. Below is the front door.IMG_20180808_174243540_HDR.jpg

It was an upgrade to get levers, so we are paying extra for them. However, this is what we found on the garage and door to the patio….


Round doorknobs, so that will need to be corrected before closing on the house.  So far we have been trying to catch things as they go along so the punch sheet before closing won’t be quite so long.  The brown part of the door is packing to protect the door.

The house is coming along nicely – so far we are very pleased with how things are going and the attention being given to the things we ask about.

Today On The Mississippi

The sun is out but there is a light haze hanging over us today. Going to be a hot one!

Miss. Fishing 8.8.18.jpg

Got some fishing going on out there!


Miss. Duck 8.8.18.jpg

finally got a ‘decent’ (not great) photo of my little friend that swims around calling to friends all of the time.  We’ve become well acquainted…I try and sneak up and she takes off, a game we play. 😉

Mandy 8.8.18.jpg

Mandy: Sure…we sneak up…HA! (Mom is delusional). BTW this is what I do on hot days, you can see the reflection of the fan on the floor just above my head.

Good Wednesday to you!

Today On The Mississippi

Miss 8.7.18.jpg

Sunrise was beautiful. It is a shame the camera just doesn’t do it justice.  The pinks and purples are washed out. But you can see the reflection in the river’s cove pretty accurately.

Miss photo tree 8.7.18.jpg

This tree is interesting because it seems everyone gets their photo taken in it. If you look at the photo below you will see it is kind of unique.

Miss photo tree2 8.7.18.jpg

It has quite the ‘lean’ to it so it makes it easy for families to stand ‘in/on’ the tree.

Miss deer 8.7.18.jpg

Deer across the river…too far for my camera to capture decently, but they walk around on the far river bank all the time.

Miss Road out 8.7.18.jpg

Mandy: And THIS is the road out of here and part of my walking route a few times a day.

Mandy 8.7.18.jpg

Mandy: Say, does this photo make my nose look too big?

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Today On The Mississippi


Mandy: Okay…Monday again, let’s do this.


The Sunrise today was lovely. Looking pretty overcast right now. No river fog today, but there is some river ‘foam’ floating by. You can see the white spots of foam on the photo below.

Today on Miss 8.6.18.jpg

The massive Flamingo bombing has been undone and they are now back to the original few they had in their yard.

Miss7 8.3.18.jpg

Have a good Monday!

Today On The Mississippi

mandy 8.3.18.jpg

Mandy: Hi there! We had a quick but interesting walk today. Quick because it was about to storm and the weather folks had a thunderstorm warning out for our area. So Mom took some photos of the sky and you can see the storm coming in.  We could hear the thunder while we walked but it wasn’t raining. Matter of fact, it never really hit us so we got just a bit of a sprinkle. It broke up right over us, so we were lucky to not get hit by it.

Miss3 8.3.18.jpg

The clouds were rather dramatic with the blue skies showing through occasionally.

Miss 8.3.18.jpg

It was getting pretty dark, you could see it coming.

Miss2 8.3.18.jpg

In the end, not a lot to get excited about.

So the other day Mandy and I showed you this yard: (see below)IMG_20180730_161729857.jpg

They are the ones that have the fake fire roasting the plastic pink flamingo.

Then all of the sudden yesterday afternoon Mandy and I saw this:miss8 8.3.18.jpg

Someone had put plastic flamingos of every size and color in their yard. So funny! I couldn’t even get all of them in the photo.

Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!