Today On The Mississippi – Aug. 27

Overcast today, VERY HUMID, hazy and hot. If Mandy really could talk she’d say “Yucko”.


It’s a bit like a sauna out there.


This past weekend we had our Kee with us again. Always fun when he is around! This time I took pictures when we were fishing.


Unfortunately, the time and day we picked….I guess they were flying ants, but they were having a huge hatch day…mating day – whatever.  It was actually kind of freaky…they didn’t hurt you or anything, but there were just fairly thick and made it pretty unpleasant.


We lasted about half an hour, no fish.  Then cleared out as they continued to get worse.


We retreated into the camper where we played a game then watch an AGT rerun and the movie ‘Back To The Future’.

You know, we generally don’t have a lot of bugs here…but seems when company comes to hang with us – we have bad bug days.  So no campfire that night either.

Last night I was trying to take a good photo of the moon as it has been just beautiful. But again I don’t have my ‘good’ camera…so did my best with my cell camera. Still looks kind of cool.


You can kind of see the reflection of the moon in the river.  It was much more dramatic than it looks in the photo.

This leads me to the pouting Miss M:

Mandy 8.27.18.jpg

Mandy: Sigh….it really is stinky outside..not even a good shadow day. I want to walk, but I don’t want to walk! What’s a girl to do??

Good Monday!


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