Mandy Says ‘Hey’!

I haven’t been seen around on the blog for quite a long time, but I’m still here!


I turned 9 years old the 1st of January 2017 and am still going strong. This photo is of me listening because I really only ever listen with one ear at a time. I still run like the wind, especially when there is a turkey in my yard…or even an imaginary turkey. One time a turkey was waaayyy at the back of the yard and I ran to catch it. It flew off before I could get there but the smells were still fresh. So now it is the first thing I do…as the door opens I bolt out to get that turkey whether it is there or not! I run around a little and then sniff a little. I don’t usually run again until Mom says ‘Mandy Come…Mandy Come…Mandy Treat (I know if I wait until the third time she will use ‘treat’ as a bribe…and Mom never lies to me so I know there will be a treat).Smile  If she wants me right away in a hurry she just says ‘Mandy Treat’ and I am there in a shot!  So I have trained her pretty well I think.

Well I just wanted to let everyone know I am still very well, happy and just as sassy as those two kitties that still live here – Fidget and Lemme. ’Mom, Lemme is on the counter again!’ I’ll show those two cats who the boss is around here….’Get ‘em Mom!’

Yours furever,


Our RV

The RV we currently have is a 2016 Newmar Ventana Diesel pusher. Purchased it a year ago and love it.


There are two more slides on the side below that are not open.

IMG_20170322_184346122 (003)

A full slide going down the entire side on the driver’s side.

IMG_20170322_184402367 (003)


This is the inside with only one side of slides out. When we extend both sides it is even wider which is pretty nice. In the photo below we are getting set up to travel so things are sitting in position for moving. I will have to add photos later with all slides extended and the furniture set in place to show how it looks when we are actually staying in it. Right now we are packed up and loading it for spending some time in it. When we pull all the sides in there is not a lot of room to walk in it though we can down until the area where the fridge is – it is about one person wide when closed.


Waiting For April

Yes, we are waiting for April in two ways around here …Spring is, of course very welcome in Minnesota so there is waiting for April in *that* way. But then what I’m really talking about is April the Giraffe!

Image result for april the giraffe live cam


She has been ready to burst for quite sometime and there is a live feed so people who are interested can see what she and her mate are doing and when her little one finally appears.

Related image

Any day now!

Below is the link if you’d like to visit the sweet girl!