Today On The Mississippi

Bright, sunny and warm today!

Mandy 7.31.18.jpg

Mandy: So while walking along I found something that wasn’t there before.

Mandy walking 7.31.18.jpg

Mandy: A speed bump…okay, so I am a retired racing Greyhound, but I haven’t been going that fast!

Miss 7.31.2018.jpg

5 mph is all that is allowed here.  It feels like forever getting through the park to the road as we are nearly all the way to the back of the park. We don’t even drive down this road, but others do – mostly in golf carts.  It seems nearly everyone out here has a golf cart. We think walking is a much better way to get around.

Golfcart3 7.31.18.jpg

The park isn’t all that large.  I’m pretty sure most of the golf carts go over 5 mph.

Golfcart1 7.31.18.jpg

We think most people out here are older folks, retired probably. So many of them have elaborate gardens and take really good care of them.

neighbor's garden 7.31.18.jpg

When we are out on another walk Mandy and I will take photos to show some of the really nice ones.

Mississippi reflection 7.31.18.jpg

Beautiful reflections in the water. You can tell where the cove gives way to the traveling water of the river. The constantly moving river looks so much clearer than the water of the cove. When you are watching the river it moves along at different rates depending on what is going on, and the cove always seems to be standing still. Though I know there is movement in both it doesn’t look like it.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

House – July 30th


They have the roof on and cleaned up, wrapping the outside is done. Windows in.


Below is inside the garage, have the box in and have the inspection board in place…some of the drywall.  Front door and garage access door to the house are leaning in the garage. Not in yet. Floor not yet poured.  Elec. walk through is early tomorrow morning where we can get outlets assigned to where we need them.


Getting some of the insulation in.

House 5 7.30.18.jpg

It has suddenly been coming along quickly after a long wait to get going. No doubt it will slow down some once the drywall goes in and the different trades need to get in and ‘do their thing’. We most likely still have about 3 more months, or there bouts, to be able to close and move in.

House July 27


Fireplace framed in – living room.


Garage by breaker box. Windows to go in sat in garage.


Some drywall finished in garage.


Laundry & furnace room area.


Transom in dinning area between kitchen and sun room.


Windows in large shower and drying area in Master Bath.


Window in ‘flex room’ between garage and laundry room.


Today On The Mississippi


Beautiful sunshine with the ducks out already soaking up the rays. It is supposed to rain later this afternoon.


And again the river fog swirling over the moving water.   In this photo you also see a log sticking out of the water which turtles sit on and bask in the sun. How much you can see of it depends on how high the water is of course.


Above you can see that they also roast plastic flamingos here. It might be a little hard to see it, but the flamingo is on a spit over fake flames.

girl on pink harley 7.28.18 Miss. River.jpg

Also a photo of a girl on a pink Harley, battery powered.  Sometimes, going quickly so the lady with her would have to run, then suddenly throwing it in reverse nearly tossing herself off. I’d like to say that the blurring is on purpose to protect the little girl’s identity…but I would be lying. Still you can tell what it is so….   Hey, we run with a tough crowd here, doing tricks on pink Harley’s and roasting flamingos.

Mandy: Ugh, the whole thing just wears me out. (stop with the funny photos Mom!) Mondays are just SO hard.

Mandy 7.30.18.jpg

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Today On The Mississippi

A bright and sunny morning on the river. No breeze at all, hopefully a little breeze will kick up making for good walks.

Today on the Miss 7.27.18.jpg

Though if you look closely you will see the river fog as the sun rises and begins warming the earth.

Today on the Miss2 7.27.18.jpg

It is going to be a beauty of a day!

Mandy 7.27.2018.jpg

Mandy: Mom drags me out for walks 3 to 4 times a day…and she shows no mercy in making me trot along. I’d like a Breeze Pleeze!

Have a Fun Friday!

Today On The Mississippi

Mandy 7.26.18.jpg

Mandy: Yep, Mom is still at the special effects photos….at any rate please enjoy today’s  photos!

Today on Miss1 7.26.18.jpg

These photos were taken early this morning. These guys were all lined up along the bank of the cove. Something a little different. Usually the geese are not around that early in the morning and normally in a ‘flock’, but today it looked like they came early to line up for a parade.

Today on Miss2 7.26.18.jpg

Also, instead of hanging around like normal – now a couple hours later, they are all gone.

Whatever the special occasion….have a Thrilling Thursday!

Today On The Mississippi

Waking up the river –


Today on Miss1 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss2 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss3 7.25.18.jpg


Today On The Miss4 7.25.18.jpg

So far the day is cloudy and rainy so there is not much action on the river right now except for these ladies:

Today On The Miss5 7.25.18.jpg

Yes – another bad photo of ducks…one of these days I will snap a decent photo of these ladies.

Mandy 7.25.18.jpg

Mandy: Mom woke me up (seriously Mom?) just so I could say, ‘Have a ‘Waggin’ good Wednesday!

House – July 24th


Yes, we finally have the framing for our house beginning.  House 7 24.18.jpg

Below is a roof truss that should be up soon – lots of wood on both sides of the street for our house now.

House2 7.24.18.jpg

The elec. walk through should be in a few weeks.  After the electrical walk through we should be able to get a better estimate of when the house will be finished and the closing can take place. We should get our moving in date.


House on July 23rd

Quick update on our mini-mansion. We were out to see it yesterday evening.

house july 23 1.jpg

The lumber is there, should be some sticks going up this week.

House July 23 2.jpg

Ahh –  actually it looks like the first couple of stick have already been set in place. Mandy is checking it out.

Mandy at house 7.23.jpg

Mandy: What in the rawhide is going on here…they keep telling me to remember this number.

Once the sticks start going up it doesn’t take long for things to really take shape.

Today On The Mississippi

Mandy: Good morning!

Mandy 7.24.18.jpg

Mandy: Don’t mind the photo, my Mom has been at the ‘special filters’ again. However, I just wanted to welcome you to today’s post. The photos were taken very early today.

Today on the Miss1 7.24.18.jpg

There is no breeze…the dog’s bike wheels are still and our flag has lost its wave. Try to take a close look at the river.Today on the Miss2 2.24.18.jpg

A morning mist has appeared as the sun begins to warm up the traveling water.

Today on the Miss3 2.24.18.jpg

The mist slowly lifts from the water’s surface and moves off the river in a different direction than the river’s flow.

Today on the Miss4 2.24.18.jpg

Beautiful and a little eerie at the same time.

Today on the Miss5 2.24.18.jpg

Above is a look at the ‘left’ point of the cove.

Today On The Miss6 7.24.18.jpg

In just the amount of time it has taken to create this post – the mist has gone.Today On The Miss7 7.24.18.jpg

And it is business as usual.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Today on the Mississippi

Today it is a beautiful day on the river, of course it is only early morning and the weather changes pretty quickly around here. Let’s get on with the photos!

Before we see what’s going on, ON the river I want to show you want we saw yesterday evening in the parking lot of the eating establishment we were going at pour 7.22.18.jpg

Just an awesome car! Check the eyes looking at you coming out of the hood. I love old cars and all of the wonderful ways people bring them back to life.

And now…TA DA… Today on the river! 🙂

Mandy: Good morning everyone…lets take a walk. I am leading the way today, so just follow me! (Mom quit taking photos of my butt please!)

Mandy 7.23.18.jpg

bad photo of duck making noise 7.23.18.jpg

So the above is a really BAD photo of a duck.  It was hard to capture it because of the angle of the sun making it impossible to actually see in the viewfinder.  However, this guy was the ONLY one on the river this morning and was going ‘quackers’ trying to attract company.  A lot of noisy quacking going on.  He was just swimming around calling to everyone who would listen while moving away from us.

camper on river point 7.23.18.jpg

This is a camper on the point. I was told the people would be fine with us fishing off their property. The folks who have been here a long time are telling us that fishing right in the little cove will not be much good, so fish off the point. I love to fish, but haven’t gone for a long time.  Maybe we will get to it yet.

left point on river 7.23.18.jpg

This is the ‘other’ point on the opposite side of the cove. Occasionally people fish while sitting on the rocks under the big tree. You can see a few wild flowers and interesting reflections in the water.

river 7.23.18 in neo.jpg

Just trying out a ‘photo effect’…fun stuff, but also would like to point out the ripples in the water between the trees…toward the left tree.  Big fish jump out in the cove quite often, lots of little ones too of course, but the big ones are fun to see. Unfortunately they don’t wait to do it until you are ready to snap the camera!  So I end up getting a lot of ‘ripple’ shots. 🙂

And that brings back to the camper, we are done with our walk.New flower 7.23.18.jpg

I do want to show you something new we got last night (mostly to bug my oldest daughter and apparently my grandson – I am putting in these last two photos). There is a metal purple flower – metal art! Very cool – it is solar powered.  Doesn’t spin, but it lights up when it is dark.

Back by the camper 7.23.18.jpg

And as you can see – well I could see and feel, that this morning there is really no breeze. The dog’s bike wheels are not spinning.  Now I mentioned my children in this because for my daughter’s birthday, among other things, I got her one with an orange kitty on a bike that has a mouse in the basket.  The have two orange kitties…and they love cats, so that is the reason for the cat.  I was presented with this reaction when I gifted it to her,  she informed me, ‘Kee (my grandson) was asking about that dog on a bike wind catcher when they were out there visiting, was it his Meema’s and why would I get it’.  My daughter explained to my grandson that apparently it is what old people do, buy things like that.  By the way, we also have a palm tree that is a few years old, you may recall from earlier photos.  It lights up but does not spin with the wind…. then again we were younger when we purchased it. What can I say….hope you all like the metal flower. 😉

Have a Marvelous Monday.

Daughter’s Birthday Yesterday

So I just had to post a couple of photos from my Daughter’s Birthday get together yesterday evening.  Lover of animals as we all are in this family, they have cats right now – no dogs.

SO a new kitty has joined their household – Raviti. He is such a little guy and eats his food slowly. So cute….

Raviti eating

But – because he eats slowly THIS GUY….(see photo below)


…named Sprocket, who was also at one time that small, has to be held at bay while little Raviti finishes eating.  Who looks happier, Sprocket or my Daughter? Winking smile

Today On The Mississippi

Rain!  Liquid Sunshine doesn’t stop life on the banks of the river. As Mandy and I look out the windows of the camper we can see the sky is darkening and it has begun to rain. 


Not raining hard enough yet to keep the residents of this RV Park inside.


And as Mandy’s bathroom is outside…no doubt we will be out in it at some point as the forecast is calling for rain all day.

Hey, it’s only water. Smile

Hope your Thursday is Terrific!

Today on the Mississippi River

Hi all.

Since we are on the banks of the Mississippi River for the next few months I thought it might be a little interesting to track day to day in photos. I am not sure I will be doing it everyday because, to be honest, it looks the same A LOT!  So we will see how it goes I guess.



Today on Miss7 7.18.18We have a post we can hang things on. I have some petunias and my Greyhound Spinner hanging out there.


Today on Miss2 7.18.18

Lots of wildlife  – Geese, Ducks, Turtles and Fish jumping.  Birds galore as well. The other day I saw a Bald Eagle diving over the cove by the river (which we are parked on) to catch his breakfast.  Took him 3 tries but he finally landed a pretty big one.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Fairlawn Mansion

During the week of July 4th we also went to Fairlawn Mansion.

Fairlawn Mansion  – Victorian House Museum
906 East 2nd Street, Superior, WI

Built as the family home for lumber and mining baron, Martin Pattison, his wife Grace and their six children, Fairlawn was completed in 1891 at the cost of $150,000; an equivalent of well over $3 million today. The mansion stands as an enduring testament to Pattison’s success and standing in the community. Later turned into a home for children from 1920 to 1962.

It was really a very nice tour, lots of good information and a lot to see. About an hour tour, then you can do the grounds if you like.  Again – mostly photos follow, not much chat.


This is oldest daughter- she looks pretty good in that room. Smile




A few photos from the music room.


Love the ceiling.



This is a chair that was embroidered by the lady of the house. She embroidered each chair herself, so each chair around the dining table is just a little different.





Grandson, Oldest Daughter and Son-in-Law…what are they looking at??


TA-DA…beautiful painted ceilings.



Some gorgeous stained glass windows in this house.











A nice tour. I recommend stopping at the Fairlawn Mansion if you are in Superior, Wisconsin at some point.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Old Cars and a Mandy Camper

This last weekend we mostly ran errands and spent some time with our kids. One errand was getting over to Costco to get a few things. When we pulled into the parking lot we ran into this:

Old Cars towing Old Camper Costco Pking Lot 7.18

Vintage cars towing vintage campers.  We were very intrigued and wished we  could have looked at them a bit closer.  The station wagon on the left is a old Chevrolet and we ‘think’ the one on the right is a Cadillac. The owners must have been in Costco, we didn’t get to speak with them. Wish I could have seen inside the campers too.

And speaking of campers, as you know, we are currently living in ours while our house is being built.

RV on the Mississippi 7.18

You can see our Retired Racing Greyhound, Mandy, lounging outside…on her ‘outside’ bed.  We are sitting at the fire ring enjoying a fire in the evening. Mandy also often joins us around the fire.

Mandy laying with us out by the fire 7.18

SOOOO we do bring her nice bed out next to our chairs to lay on when ever we sit around the fire now because she seems to want to be with us, but as you can see, chooses ‘her’ way to lay on it.  To her it is more like a large pillow.

Our camper is pretty large and has slides going out from the left and the right side to make our living room pretty spacious..  However, a lot of the inside belongs to Mandy. She has three beds and, when we aren’t using it, the couch is hers as well.  She generally won’t get up on the couch while we are present in the camper unless we are in bed sleeping.  These are rules she has imposed on herself, as we have never really made her stay off the couch in the camper.

Here is a photo taken of her early in the morning when I came out from the bedroom.

Mandy sleeping on couch in morning 7.18

She also lays here in front of the fireplace:

Mandy in front of camp fireplace 7.18

There is also a bed for her in at the foot of our bed and right beside the couch where I sit.

But she also sprawls out in front of the sink and the fridge. She is pretty comfortable everywhere.

When the RV is in travel mode and we are moving along she also has a variety of places she sleeps.  I really like her to lay on the floor, she makes me nervous laying on the couch. And she does mostly stay down on the floor on her bed – or behind her bed.  But occasionally decides to ride up on the couch.

Mandy on the camper couch 7.2018

Mandy sleeping on couch while travel 7.18

And this is how she rides with us the most:

Mandy sleeping behind her bed while traveling 7.18

Behind the bed – can’t believe it is more comfortable but whatever makes her happy!

Happy Monday!

4th of July in Two Harbors

So every year for the last several years we go camping up in Two Harbors, MN for the 4th of July. This year the weather was all over the board, foggy, cool, rain, sun, warm….  but it just wasn’t as hot as down in the Twin Cities area so we were glad to be there.  The weather was pretty quick moving, changed a few times daily.  So you just stayed pretty much ready for whatever Mother Nature was going to throw at you.

Though throughout the week we were up there we wandered all around the North Shore area, however, on the 4th we stuck around the Two Harbor area where we attend the fireworks show.

The kids bring their own fireworks to shoot off while we are waiting for the show to start and for after the show while the traffic and the crowds diminish.

Kee setting off Fireworks 7.4.18

Photos: The kids shooting off fireworks before the show.

Kids setting off fireworks 7.4.18

Then we saw a ship coming into the harbor:

Boat coming into harbor 7.4.18

The fog was rolling in and out pretty quickly at this time, it is amazing how quickly the weather can change on Lake Superior.  It was a slow process for the ship to finally doc so the sun began setting which allowed me to get some nice photos with the sunset, fog and docs in the background while the kids did sparklers on the shore.

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks fog 7.4.18

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks 7.4.18

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks fog2 7.4.18

Then at the end of the night the wind was pretty high so we went back to the beach by our campers to send off the Chinese Lanterns.  I like to do this and dedicate one to my Mom that passed away a few years ago, and recently my husband’s Dad passed away, so this year we dedicated one to him as well. Hoping they will touch the sky and sending our love to both of our love ones at the same time.  We also make wishes as they leave us and fly across the sky.  This year we lit 5 of them.  One per person.

chinese lantern lighting2 7.4.18

Chines lantern lighting 7.4.18


chinese lantern lighting1  7.4.2018

Not the easiest photos to see I know.

Old Firehouse & Police Museum, Superior, WI.

While up north during the week of July 4th one of the places we stopped at on a rainy day was the Old Firehouse & Police Museum. Though it was not all that large of a museum it had a lot of interesting things, upstairs and down.  Lots of photos to come, not much chat.

Old Firehse Superior WI 2 7.18

402 23rd. Ave. East, Superior, WI
Always FREE admission at the last of Superior’s 1890 Fire Halls. It is last of Superior’s 19th Century Fire Halls.

Firehouse Superior WI 7.2.2018

Dal and Firetruck Superior WI 7.18

Fire truck Sup. WI 7.18

Firehouse Sup. WI3 7.18

Firehouse Sup. WI 7.18

Old Fire trucks Sup. WI2 7.18

Old Fire trucks Sup. WI 7.18

Clifford Firehouse Sup. WI 7.18

Whoa…what’s with Clifford the Big Red Dog?

Chair made of firehose 7.18

Grandson in chair made of old Hoses.

Old Fire Extengishers 7.18

Old Fire Extinguishers

Asbestos Suit 7.18

Asbestos Suit worn by Firefighters.

Control center upstairs Fire and Police 7.18

Control Center in the upstairs portion of the station.

Upstairs Fire and Police Pole and hose 7.18

Pole, hose upstairs in the Station.

Helmets and Gear Fire and Police Sup. WI 7.18

Lockers for Police and Firemen 7.18

Lockers for Firemen and Police.

Upstairs Gear 7.18


Upstairs quarters Fire and Police2  7.18


Upstairs quarters Fire and Police 7.18

Police Helmets 7.18

Police Gear

upstairs Police 7.18

superior police 7.18

Upstairs Fire and Police 7.18

Grandson Jailed 7.18

Awww – someone was not behaving!! Grandson Locked Up! Winking smile

House on July 11th

We took a quick trip out to the site our new house is being built yesterday evening and this is where it is at right now:

Our house 7.11.2018

So no sticks going up yet – but soon we hope.

Meanwhile, since it was our anniversary – This happened:

Bruce initialing our new house 7.11.18

But the cement is pretty much dry, so though the rain may wash it away we will know. Winking smile

Initals on new house 7.11.2018

More house updates to come as the build progresses.

It Must Be Pretty Hot In Chicago

My youngest daughter and her husband live in Chicago. She has one little boy with another on the way. Her son is 2.5 years old and goes to his school/daycare there. After retuning home from school he wanted to ride his bike on their rooftop deck and determined it was too hot. So he took measures  in his own hands to be able to ride and be cool at the same time.

keeping cool during bike ride 7.10.18

Keep Cool!


Major changes have taken place in our lives around here.  It all started with my being ‘retired’ from my job the end of December (2017) . We had been talking about selling the house we built 28 years ago and raised our family in.  We finally decided it was as good as time as any so, as promised back in January, I am going to update you on what’s going on around here. After doing some decluttering, painting, re-carpeting and general updates, we staged our house and put it on the market the first part of February.  This was as advised by more than one relator. We also saw a few relators before choosing one to sell our house. Even though we lived in Minnesota and I thought it was kind of a silly time to put a house on the market the beginning of Feb., we went ahead and did it.  I should have gone with my gut about the timing of it all – I did a lot of research and analysis on the whole thing – but listened to the relators anyway. As a result we paid for our staging and had to go through living without our ‘stuff’ and protecting the stager’s items for much longer.  I hadn’t wanted to put it on the market until the end of March…first part of April.  Hardly anyone came through our house in Feb. and March, and those that did were just not really interested in buying a house at that time.  However, once April rounded the corner we began getting the offers.  By the first of June it was goodbye house:


Mandy house 2018

and Hello Mississippi River RV park and living in our RV:

Mississippi River View

RV on Mississippi

As you can see below – this really stresses Mandy out:

Mandy in camper 2018 cropped

Mandy is a pretty happy camper.

So that is how we got to where we are now. We are building a new house, down sizing to a one level detached townhouse because when my significant other retires we will be traveling around a lot more and wanted a home base where we didn’t have to worry about plowing the snow and taking care of the yard while we are gone.The new place should be ready for us to move into in October at some point. Our two cats are currently living with my Daughter and her family until we move into the new place. We really appreciate them helping us out in this way. All the possessions that couldn’t find a place in the RV went into storage until the new place is finished.

Now that the major portion of our news is out of the way, I will go backwards in time in the days to come, to catch up on what has transpired up until now.

Hoping you all are keeping it happy!

Camping July 4th week

We left the Saturday before and came back the Saturday after the 4th.  We went up to Two Harbors, MN and visited Grand Marais, Duluth and all points in between with our kids. 

View from Camper 7.4.2018 weekend - burlington bay

Photo: Looking over Lake Superior from our campsite on the hill

This is something we do every 4th of July with our kids, well with my oldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson.  My youngest daughter and her family is still in Chicago and generally go elsewhere for the holiday.

Karissa and Lyle Burlington Bay 7.4. 2018 weekPhoto: Son-in-law and oldest Daughter around the campfire.

Keegan camping 7.4.2018 trip

Photo:  Grandson Kee sitting by fire listening to audio book.

The weather up north was really pretty good, while it was high 80s and 90s in the Twin Cities, it was in the 70’s and cooler up where we were in Burlington Bay. There was some rain, but over the week it really was pretty nice weather.  No rain for July 4th fireworks, which is pretty nice.  Rain was a little worse in the Duluth area – south of where we were, so they changed their 4th of July Fireworks to the 5th.  We were down in Duluth that day but decided not to stay late for their fireworks since we’d seen them the night before.

Two Harbors Fireworks 7.4.2018

Photo: Two Harbors Fireworks began before it was completely dark…still beautiful.

We went to a Firehouse/Police museum over in Superior, WI as well as Fairlawn Mansion. We went over to Wisconsin on a rainy day to get more fireworks to light on the 4th, along with Lanterns to light and let float up into the night skies after the main fireworks were completed. Saw these couple of inside attractions and decided to do them since the weather wasn’t good for outside activities.

I will share photos of the things we did that week in separate posts so this won’t be too long.

My daughter has fiends that often join us for some of our activities together. Their daughter is just SO cute we love getting to be with them too.

Lyle, Chris, Karissa, Kate, Keegan and Bryerly July 4th 2018 week

Photo: Here everyone is cooling it by the lake!

All in all everyone had a nice time.

Hope your 4th of July Holiday was a great one!

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