Today On The Mississippi

Bright, sunny and warm today!

Mandy 7.31.18.jpg

Mandy: So while walking along I found something that wasn’t there before.

Mandy walking 7.31.18.jpg

Mandy: A speed bump…okay, so I am a retired racing Greyhound, but I haven’t been going that fast!

Miss 7.31.2018.jpg

5 mph is all that is allowed here.  It feels like forever getting through the park to the road as we are nearly all the way to the back of the park. We don’t even drive down this road, but others do – mostly in golf carts.  It seems nearly everyone out here has a golf cart. We think walking is a much better way to get around.

Golfcart3 7.31.18.jpg

The park isn’t all that large.  I’m pretty sure most of the golf carts go over 5 mph.

Golfcart1 7.31.18.jpg

We think most people out here are older folks, retired probably. So many of them have elaborate gardens and take really good care of them.

neighbor's garden 7.31.18.jpg

When we are out on another walk Mandy and I will take photos to show some of the really nice ones.

Mississippi reflection 7.31.18.jpg

Beautiful reflections in the water. You can tell where the cove gives way to the traveling water of the river. The constantly moving river looks so much clearer than the water of the cove. When you are watching the river it moves along at different rates depending on what is going on, and the cove always seems to be standing still. Though I know there is movement in both it doesn’t look like it.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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