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Old Cars and a Mandy Camper

This last weekend we mostly ran errands and spent some time with our kids. One errand was getting over to Costco to get a few things. When we pulled into the parking lot we ran into this:

Old Cars towing Old Camper Costco Pking Lot 7.18

Vintage cars towing vintage campers.  We were very intrigued and wished we  could have looked at them a bit closer.  The station wagon on the left is a old Chevrolet and we ‘think’ the one on the right is a Cadillac. The owners must have been in Costco, we didn’t get to speak with them. Wish I could have seen inside the campers too.

And speaking of campers, as you know, we are currently living in ours while our house is being built.

RV on the Mississippi 7.18

You can see our Retired Racing Greyhound, Mandy, lounging outside…on her ‘outside’ bed.  We are sitting at the fire ring enjoying a fire in the evening. Mandy also often joins us around the fire.

Mandy laying with us out by the fire 7.18

SOOOO we do bring her nice bed out next to our chairs to lay on when ever we sit around the fire now because she seems to want to be with us, but as you can see, chooses ‘her’ way to lay on it.  To her it is more like a large pillow.

Our camper is pretty large and has slides going out from the left and the right side to make our living room pretty spacious..  However, a lot of the inside belongs to Mandy. She has three beds and, when we aren’t using it, the couch is hers as well.  She generally won’t get up on the couch while we are present in the camper unless we are in bed sleeping.  These are rules she has imposed on herself, as we have never really made her stay off the couch in the camper.

Here is a photo taken of her early in the morning when I came out from the bedroom.

Mandy sleeping on couch in morning 7.18

She also lays here in front of the fireplace:

Mandy in front of camp fireplace 7.18

There is also a bed for her in at the foot of our bed and right beside the couch where I sit.

But she also sprawls out in front of the sink and the fridge. She is pretty comfortable everywhere.

When the RV is in travel mode and we are moving along she also has a variety of places she sleeps.  I really like her to lay on the floor, she makes me nervous laying on the couch. And she does mostly stay down on the floor on her bed – or behind her bed.  But occasionally decides to ride up on the couch.

Mandy on the camper couch 7.2018

Mandy sleeping on couch while travel 7.18

And this is how she rides with us the most:

Mandy sleeping behind her bed while traveling 7.18

Behind the bed – can’t believe it is more comfortable but whatever makes her happy!

Happy Monday!

Old Firehouse & Police Museum, Superior, WI.

While up north during the week of July 4th one of the places we stopped at on a rainy day was the Old Firehouse & Police Museum. Though it was not all that large of a museum it had a lot of interesting things, upstairs and down.  Lots of photos to come, not much chat.

Old Firehse Superior WI 2 7.18

402 23rd. Ave. East, Superior, WI
Always FREE admission at the last of Superior’s 1890 Fire Halls. It is last of Superior’s 19th Century Fire Halls.

Firehouse Superior WI 7.2.2018

Dal and Firetruck Superior WI 7.18

Fire truck Sup. WI 7.18

Firehouse Sup. WI3 7.18

Firehouse Sup. WI 7.18

Old Fire trucks Sup. WI2 7.18

Old Fire trucks Sup. WI 7.18

Clifford Firehouse Sup. WI 7.18

Whoa…what’s with Clifford the Big Red Dog?

Chair made of firehose 7.18

Grandson in chair made of old Hoses.

Old Fire Extengishers 7.18

Old Fire Extinguishers

Asbestos Suit 7.18

Asbestos Suit worn by Firefighters.

Control center upstairs Fire and Police 7.18

Control Center in the upstairs portion of the station.

Upstairs Fire and Police Pole and hose 7.18

Pole, hose upstairs in the Station.

Helmets and Gear Fire and Police Sup. WI 7.18

Lockers for Police and Firemen 7.18

Lockers for Firemen and Police.

Upstairs Gear 7.18


Upstairs quarters Fire and Police2  7.18


Upstairs quarters Fire and Police 7.18

Police Helmets 7.18

Police Gear

upstairs Police 7.18

superior police 7.18

Upstairs Fire and Police 7.18

Grandson Jailed 7.18

Awww – someone was not behaving!! Grandson Locked Up! Winking smile

4th of July in Two Harbors

So every year for the last several years we go camping up in Two Harbors, MN for the 4th of July. This year the weather was all over the board, foggy, cool, rain, sun, warm….  but it just wasn’t as hot as down in the Twin Cities area so we were glad to be there.  The weather was pretty quick moving, changed a few times daily.  So you just stayed pretty much ready for whatever Mother Nature was going to throw at you.

Though throughout the week we were up there we wandered all around the North Shore area, however, on the 4th we stuck around the Two Harbor area where we attend the fireworks show.

The kids bring their own fireworks to shoot off while we are waiting for the show to start and for after the show while the traffic and the crowds diminish.

Kee setting off Fireworks 7.4.18

Photos: The kids shooting off fireworks before the show.

Kids setting off fireworks 7.4.18

Then we saw a ship coming into the harbor:

Boat coming into harbor 7.4.18

The fog was rolling in and out pretty quickly at this time, it is amazing how quickly the weather can change on Lake Superior.  It was a slow process for the ship to finally doc so the sun began setting which allowed me to get some nice photos with the sunset, fog and docs in the background while the kids did sparklers on the shore.

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks fog 7.4.18

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks 7.4.18

Kris and Kee on the shore with fireworks fog2 7.4.18

Then at the end of the night the wind was pretty high so we went back to the beach by our campers to send off the Chinese Lanterns.  I like to do this and dedicate one to my Mom that passed away a few years ago, and recently my husband’s Dad passed away, so this year we dedicated one to him as well. Hoping they will touch the sky and sending our love to both of our love ones at the same time.  We also make wishes as they leave us and fly across the sky.  This year we lit 5 of them.  One per person.

chinese lantern lighting2 7.4.18

Chines lantern lighting 7.4.18


chinese lantern lighting1  7.4.2018

Not the easiest photos to see I know.


Camping July 4th week

We left the Saturday before and came back the Saturday after the 4th.  We went up to Two Harbors, MN and visited Grand Marais, Duluth and all points in between with our kids. 

View from Camper 7.4.2018 weekend - burlington bay

Photo: Looking over Lake Superior from our campsite on the hill

This is something we do every 4th of July with our kids, well with my oldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson.  My youngest daughter and her family is still in Chicago and generally go elsewhere for the holiday.

Karissa and Lyle Burlington Bay 7.4. 2018 weekPhoto: Son-in-law and oldest Daughter around the campfire.

Keegan camping 7.4.2018 trip

Photo:  Grandson Kee sitting by fire listening to audio book.

The weather up north was really pretty good, while it was high 80s and 90s in the Twin Cities, it was in the 70’s and cooler up where we were in Burlington Bay. There was some rain, but over the week it really was pretty nice weather.  No rain for July 4th fireworks, which is pretty nice.  Rain was a little worse in the Duluth area – south of where we were, so they changed their 4th of July Fireworks to the 5th.  We were down in Duluth that day but decided not to stay late for their fireworks since we’d seen them the night before.

Two Harbors Fireworks 7.4.2018

Photo: Two Harbors Fireworks began before it was completely dark…still beautiful.

We went to a Firehouse/Police museum over in Superior, WI as well as Fairlawn Mansion. We went over to Wisconsin on a rainy day to get more fireworks to light on the 4th, along with Lanterns to light and let float up into the night skies after the main fireworks were completed. Saw these couple of inside attractions and decided to do them since the weather wasn’t good for outside activities.

I will share photos of the things we did that week in separate posts so this won’t be too long.

My daughter has fiends that often join us for some of our activities together. Their daughter is just SO cute we love getting to be with them too.

Lyle, Chris, Karissa, Kate, Keegan and Bryerly July 4th 2018 week

Photo: Here everyone is cooling it by the lake!

All in all everyone had a nice time.

Hope your 4th of July Holiday was a great one!

Image result for clipart 4th of july

Hello again

It has been a while since I was last here. I will see if I can update you on things as I get time.

Mandy Says ‘Hey’!

I haven’t been seen around on the blog for quite a long time, but I’m still here!


I turned 9 years old the 1st of January 2017 and am still going strong. This photo is of me listening because I really only ever listen with one ear at a time. I still run like the wind, especially when there is a turkey in my yard…or even an imaginary turkey. One time a turkey was waaayyy at the back of the yard and I ran to catch it. It flew off before I could get there but the smells were still fresh. So now it is the first thing I do…as the door opens I bolt out to get that turkey whether it is there or not! I run around a little and then sniff a little. I don’t usually run again until Mom says ‘Mandy Come…Mandy Come…Mandy Treat (I know if I wait until the third time she will use ‘treat’ as a bribe…and Mom never lies to me so I know there will be a treat).Smile  If she wants me right away in a hurry she just says ‘Mandy Treat’ and I am there in a shot!  So I have trained her pretty well I think.

Well I just wanted to let everyone know I am still very well, happy and just as sassy as those two kitties that still live here – Fidget and Lemme. ’Mom, Lemme is on the counter again!’ I’ll show those two cats who the boss is around here….’Get ‘em Mom!’

Yours furever,


Our RV

The RV we currently have is a 2016 Newmar Ventana Diesel pusher. Purchased it a year ago and love it.


There are two more slides on the side below that are not open.

IMG_20170322_184346122 (003)

A full slide going down the entire side on the driver’s side.

IMG_20170322_184402367 (003)


This is the inside with only one side of slides out. When we extend both sides it is even wider which is pretty nice. In the photo below we are getting set up to travel so things are sitting in position for moving. I will have to add photos later with all slides extended and the furniture set in place to show how it looks when we are actually staying in it. Right now we are packed up and loading it for spending some time in it. When we pull all the sides in there is not a lot of room to walk in it though we can down until the area where the fridge is – it is about one person wide when closed.


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