The Weekend And Beyond – June 24, 2019


Sunrise with a few raindrops on the window. Not raining when I took the photo but had been a little earlier.


Supposed to be a off and on rainy day.

I haven’t posted for a few weeks, so will catch you up, though there is not much to update on.

However, let’s start with this last weekend.

Friday we went to the Burning Brothers Tap room. Place of great gluten free beer and a food truck also serving gluten free food.  Had a pint there and some Cuban GF food. It was fun to do as the weekend was the back to 50s car weekend at the State Fair Grounds.  The tap room is in that area so we get to see quite a few beautiful old cars while driving to get there.

Saturday was a fairly nice morning so we decided to go to a wine festival in Chisago, MN.


We had never been to that vineyard before. It was very nice. For 10.00 we did the wine tasting.  Some tasty wines made there! We also did a little tour of the fields and so on, got to hear the history and ask questions. Some great live music out there along with different vendors. Lots of places to sit, sip, and enjoy. Also a food truck out there and they serve a few things as well. But a very relaxed, pleasant environment.


At the last minute, we decided, since it was fairly close to the kids, to ask if they wanted to join us. We like spending time with them as well!

They did join us, didn’t do the wine tasting but went on the little walking tour.


And these are the faces of people doing something that was my idea. (one of the reasons I don’t say much in the ‘what do we want to do’ department).  Yes, that is my 40 year old son in law sticking his tongue out at me.  It is actually pretty hard to get a decent photo when he is involved. He has managed to ruin quite a few wonderful photo ops with his desire to annoy. Frankly, I am pretty over caring about it and will just post them regardless from here on out. Not funny but his choice.  However, he is a very nice, intelligent guy and I enjoy being with him regardless. He is a real sweetheart. There is not a thing I would change about him.  Just sayin’…. 🙂


Oldest daughter and grandson. Are we having fun yet?

While on the walking part of the tour we spied this:


A beautiful carriage giving carriage rides.


This is the gorgeous guy pulling it, he actually looked like he was enjoying himself!


Such a beautiful carriage!

On the way to the vineyard we came across the Patriots Ride that was taking place this weekend, lots of motorcycles.


Police were directing traffic and people had chairs by the side of the road, waving as they went by. Very inspiring.

After the Winery tour we went to Wisconsin (since we were close to the border) to pick up some fireworks for the 4th of July and to dinner.


The Dalles House…never been there before, it has an old Supper Club type of feeling. When we walked in, we didn’t hold much hope, BUT it turned out very nicely.


They did the Gluten Free food well, it was good.  I was going to take photos of the food, but tend to put my phone away and just converse with folks, so I forgot to photograph the food.  Yes, an old fashioned idea I guess, but it’s generally like, what, a 45 minute span in a 24 hour day. Still, I will try harder to remember to take a photo of the food.

I WILL say, that though the food was pretty good, it took quite a while to get it. So service was slow, but the wait person was really pretty good.  But then again, we were like one of three tables that had people at them, it was early for dinner. So I don’t know what took them so long to make the food. But all in all, it was pretty pleasant. You know, good company. 🙂


Fidget: Okay, you are boring me.


Lemme: Yep, move on, I have.


Mandy: Wait, Mom, don’t forget those other photos you wanted to post to ‘catch up’. Yawn.

Okay, thanks Mandy, try not to over excite yourself. 😉

June 20th – Last Thursday.




A little stormy in the distance but the clouds were fantastic.

June 19th – Last Wednesday


It was a little humid…moisture on the outside of the window.


Lovely sunrise that day though.

June 12th.


June 11th.


A cloudy day.


June 10th.


Clear skies! Bad photo.

And that about catches us up on the sunrises.


Mandy: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Okay then, if there is nothing more from the peanut gallery….

Happy Monday!

Suddenly Summer – June 6, 2019


Sunrise! Humid this morning, you can see a layer of mist close to the ground.

Day before yesterday the sky looked like this:


Today skies have cleared and it is warming up.


Seems such a short time ago we were awaiting a warm up, Spring being cooler than normal.  Now, it seems, all of the sudden:


Personally, I am not a huge fan of temps over 75 degrees.  Perhaps that is part of why I live in Minnesota. 🙂

Mandy has something she wants to share.


Mandy:  Look everyone, I got my pink bone stuffy back.


Mandy: It was just like ‘BAM’ I grabbed it and ran!


Mandy: I’ll teach this stuffy not to let a cat carry it around!


Mandy:  And take that….


Mandy: Whoa…maybe it tossed it a little too hard that time. Uh-oh.


Mandy: The cats can get it if they want it.


Fidget: What do you think, Lemme?


Fidget: sigh…me too.

Happy Thursday!






Welcome to June – June 3, 2019


Sunrise!  It’s going to be in the 80’s today.


Mandy: So…it’s like this.


Mandy: I got this pink bone stuffy for being such a good girl at my vet appointment. I really like it.


Mandy: Then this started happening…


Fidget: Yes, I like to talk with my mouth full, so this bone stuffy comes in real handy. However, pink isn’t really my color so I always drop it right before Mom snaps a photo.


Lemme: Fidget, I think you have a problem and need help. So get off Mom’s lap and play with the cat toys!


Fidget: But Lemme, I like that bone stuffy! Mandy can play with something else.


Mandy: When Fidget wants something, there is no getting it back, besides…cat slobber is yucky.


Mandy: Back to my old green stuffy bone, besides it is well broken in.


Happy Monday!