Welcome to June – June 3, 2019


Sunrise!  It’s going to be in the 80’s today.


Mandy: So…it’s like this.


Mandy: I got this pink bone stuffy for being such a good girl at my vet appointment. I really like it.


Mandy: Then this started happening…


Fidget: Yes, I like to talk with my mouth full, so this bone stuffy comes in real handy. However, pink isn’t really my color so I always drop it right before Mom snaps a photo.


Lemme: Fidget, I think you have a problem and need help. So get off Mom’s lap and play with the cat toys!


Fidget: But Lemme, I like that bone stuffy! Mandy can play with something else.


Mandy: When Fidget wants something, there is no getting it back, besides…cat slobber is yucky.


Mandy: Back to my old green stuffy bone, besides it is well broken in.


Happy Monday!

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