ABC Wednesday ‘Q’

This ABC Wednesday brings us to the letter ‘Q’. First thing that comes to mind is Quandary for it is not the most commonly used letter of the alphabet. What the heck can I do that starts with ‘Q’?


Quinoa is pronounced Keenwa. This is a Gluten-free product that I didn’t even really know about until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and had to find new ways to eat whole grains other than wheat, barley, rye and oats. It looked kind of strange, and has a different texture, BUT I was pleasantly surprised once I actually tried it. Now it has become a staple of my household. I just about always have Quinoa around and it can very often be ‘changed out’ with rice.


Looks like this when it is growing.


And like this when I get it at the store. The Quinoa photos are all courtesy of the Quinoa Corporation.

One of my most cherished possessions is my lovely, handmade Greyhound Quilt!

This Quilt was made and given to me by a friend’s mother as a gift while I was running Greyhound Pets Of America – Minnesota. (a retired racing Greyhound rescue/adoption group). I draped it out over my couch for the photo. Toward the top center you can see a greyhound stretching out on a couch and it says ‘Home Stretch’. I drew the picture as a ‘logo’ for the group’s newsletter, which I did each month. We had a contest to ‘name’ the newsletter the second month it came out and one of the group’s volunteers won with the title ‘Home Stretch’. There is actually Quite a bit of me portrayed in this Quilt. (at least I think so) I will always love it and think it is one of the most beautiful gifts ever. 🙂 I will be forever grateful for it.

*As a side note if you click on the link and go to the GPA-MN website you will find a short video on the website that I did titled ‘Camping With Retired Racing Greyhounds’…short and fun was all that was intended….not really an informative clip. And of course a lot of information about Retired Racing Greyhounds.

ABC Wednesday ‘S’

Today the letter for ABC Wednesday is ‘S’.

Sand…purple Sand.


I got this purple Sand for my grandson to play in on days he Stays with me. It is supposed to be ‘dustless’ and I thought it was pretty cool until we actually ‘played’ with it. Sticks to everything, doesn’t come off easily and has me wishing now that I’d just gotten the plain old fashioned Sand for him. I fully intend to try mixing it first and if that doesn’t work – out it goes and back to Mother Nature’s intended.

Sitting on top of the bucket of Sand is Sidewalk Chalk. Also another fun outside toy. As you can see in the background we even have a little rake you can fill with different colors and walk around making fun designs with.



Sitting….. look at the way my little 2 year old Grandson Sits. Long ago are the days I could Sit like that at all, and he does it effortlessly and for long periods of time (well long in toddler terms).


Our Sweet Shasta. Racing name: Mr. Shasta. Status: retired.




True Colors Thursday – Grey/Gray

This True Colors Thursday we are on the color Gray. You say Grey….I say Gray….  😉

Whatever the case, this is Monty my Gray tabby dilute kitty who is over 20 years old, and still liking the ‘sleeping on my head’ business.


Then I have a Greyhound that is Gray….which is actually called blue colored… who is named Blew….ummmm, I think he still qualifies.  Here is Blew with Ruby cooling off a little in the lake.


Went to an air show this last Sunday and saw a fascinating Gray plane.


This is a photo of the back of a Gray semi…and if you look carefully you will see the reflection of our Allegro RV as we waiting in traffic behind it.


There was a very Gray sky when we were coming back from White Water State Park. Terrible storms were in the area that chased us away from our camping spot earlier than we had planned.


 And a very Gray snowy day, all too common in Minnesota. This is a photo of my back yard during a spring snow storm. Nope the photo is not in black and white…it is just THAT Gray outside.


Last, but certainly not the least…

PICT0030Grandson in Gray playing on my light Gray tile floor.

ABC Wednesday ‘R’

   This ABC Wednesday’s letter is ‘R’!

This is Roni, our White and Brindle Retired Racing Greyhound girl. She loves everyone and is so happy she even smiles in her sleep. Her nickname is Roni-Roo.



And Grandgreyhound Ruby!  She is a Red and white Retired Racing Greyhound.



Also Renner who is our white and brindle Retired Racing Greyguy.



Rust: This is an old barrel found in a historical water tower in Charles A. Lindberg State Park, MN


Of course I can’t leave out our RV. Here is a view of it from a trail high upon a hill looking down. The little blue car behind it is an HHR and we tow it along with us everywhere we go.


Here are Retired Racing Greyhounds Scooter, Renner, Ruby and Blew Resting outside our RV.


Old Man Blew


Greyhounds share with Vinni 001

Yesterday I posted a photo of Blew that was an earlier photo and Jay mentioned he did not look ‘over 11’. I guess I didn’t think about that when I put it up, I just liked the photo and used it.

Here is a photo of Blew taken just a week ago…he is getting the typical senior ‘graying of the face’, particularly around the muzzle and eyes. If you look back you can compare, interesting to see how age changes coloration of their faces.  In this photo I believe Renner is allowing Blew to use his tail as a chin rest. Considering their bony tails, I’m thinking not all that comfortable. 😉

Also, Monty is doing a little better today I started him on something new so I am hoping it helps him out a little. That was not a up to date photo of Monty either as, sadly, he is getting quite thin.