ABC Wednesday – The Letter ‘P’

My first inclination is to say this ABC Wednesday Letter is ‘P’ for ‘Pain’! My back is still causing a lot of Pain and I am hoping soon it will GO AWAY so I can get back to normal. That said …I’ll move on.

Meet A Puddle Monster!

Puddle Mosterpuddle Monster2

puddle monster3 

Some lovely Peonies growing outside my daughter’s house.


Sitting Poolside

Sitting Poolside

Playing In the Pool

Playing In the Pool

Pipestone at Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone, Minnesota.











Path Up Pipestone Stairs

Path Up Pipestone stairs










 Pups At Pipestone National Monument

pups in pipestone national park


A Pissed Off Pussy Cat (Vinni)

Pissed Off Pussy Cat

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