Greyhounds Share

This afternoon Vinni decided, like he often does, to take over a dog beg in the sun. Generally this leads to pacing and whining at me to let me know that one of the kitties have taken their bed. Occasionally though, the hounds just find a way to sleep around the cat. Due to the limited sunshine streaking though the windows, today was one of those ‘sharing days’

Blue shares with Vinni

They took turns sharing. Here is Blew with Vinni.

Scooter shares with Vinni

Here Scooter shares with Vinni.

 Renner shares with Vinni

Renner is now sharing with Vinni.

And if you look closely you will notice that during all these hound transitions, Vinni doesn’t give an inch….doesn’t move from his spot. He is large and in charge!

Scooter and Vinni sleep

Greyhounds and Cats get along pretty well most of the time as long as the hounds don’t mind sharing. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz…….

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