Today On The Mississippi – September 26

Our days are now numbered here on the Mississippi. In two weeks we will be in our new house and the RV Resort area we have been staying in since mid-May will close it’s doors, so we have to be out by October 13th.  We will have to park it in our driveway for a few days. until we leave for Chicago for a couple of weeks.

But I am thinking, the camper could well ‘dwarf’ our house.  Having it in the driveway we will need to put cones at the end of it in order to be sure no one hits it as it will take up the full extent of our driveway.  Once we come back from Chicago it will sit in our driveway for a few days again while we winterize it and ready it for storage…until we get it out again in February 2019.  That is when we leave for a couple of weeks vacation in FL. to visit my Dad and do other things down that way.

It used to sit on a pad beside our old house, but the driveway of that house was over 100 feet long…like 109 feet.


Old house.

The driveway of the new house is like…not sure… 40 ft long?




It’s about 38 feet long, but the roof of the new house overhangs a little the drive way so we can only come up to the edge of the roof with the motor home, so….didn’t plan on that part. 😦


Yeeeaaahhhh… will be close, the hitch will probably just hang into the gray gutter portion. (The hitch we use to tow our car behind the RV).  It will make quite the statement compared to when it was parked by the old house. 🙂

We have measured a couple of times to make sure it will fit.  We are not allowed to keep it by our house, city ordinances allow us 12 days at a time.  So we were told. That should be good enough to have it there a few days while we prepare to travel or after a trip to unload it.  Hopefully none of our future neighbors will ‘have a cow’ at times when we have it there.


Meanwhile – back ‘On The Mississippi’ things are closing down, people are already leaving or getting their rigs ready to leave.  It is now sunny (YAY), and in the 50’s.  It was actually down to 39 degrees for just a little while this morning. We have switched from AC to Furnace.

Fall is well upon us.


The photo above was taken about 10 years ago….in the foyer of the old house.  Both daughters and grandson playing nicely together. 🙂

Mandy: Was that car door closing Dad? Who’s there?

Mandy 9.26.18.jpg

Happy Wednesday!

House – September 24

Glass work is in and done.


Main bathroom mirror is up.


Master bathroom mirror is up too – though needs cleaning. I’m sure they will get to that. In the mirror you can see the drying area of the shower and the toilet area.  Behind the door is the shower itself, (glass wall).


Glass wall of shower is in.


Pretty exciting stuff eh? 😉



They also have finished the 50 amp box for us to plug our RV into…it is the first little gray box in front of the Elec. meter.  However, they put the receptacle in upside down. So they will need to do a fix on that.

It is raining again, so the land around the house will be a quagmire. While there yesterday they still hadn’t finished the sprinkler system, nor had they sodded. So until they are able to complete the sprinkler system I doubt they will sod and finish the landscaping.

I may ride out and have a look later today but doubt I will see anything new.  What we need are a few dry days for them to get out there and get it done.  It is now 15 days until we close on the house.



Today On The Mississippi – September 24

It looks to be a beautiful day on tap with the high in the low 70s.  Though they are saying we could get storms. Below is actually the MOON rising last night.  My camera made the sky a little lighter than the sky actually was, but thought I’d share regardless.  We have been seeing some beautiful night skies over the river.


This morning –


Lovely sunrise.

reflection of sunrise in camper 9.24.jpg

Reflection of sunset using the side of the RV.

This last weekend we got to spend a little time with our kids on Sunday morning. We didn’t do Saturday because they were hanging with some friends of theirs so we decided to meet Sunday morning at a little farm, or Orchard, both actually… to pick raspberries and veggies. Perhaps even a few apples.


Above is my oldest daughter and grandson.

I didn’t get any raspberries, but they got a few. The we went on to look at all of the pumpkins growing. Lots of signs by several of the patches saying they weren’t ripe yet.


There were some pretty large ones out there.


We didn’t pick out pumpkins because it was still a bit early for that.

We did pick brussel sprouts, green bell peppers, tomatoes, green beans and Jalapeno peppers.  They also had some tiny pears that were very tasty, so we got a bag of those.

They had all sort of things out there to pick, carrots, zucchini, strawberries, squash, herbs.  Of course you needed to come at the right time.  But it was fun. Normally we go to other more commercial orchards and they have playgrounds, shops and just a ton of stuff to do, very commercial.  But it was nice to go out to a beautiful area and just be able to pick all sorts of things.

After hitting Target to get a few more things with the kids, we went to their house and took care of our cats, then we left the kids and we went back up to our area and our RV.  On the way we pass 101 Market in Otsego, which I really like a lot. They have been setting up for their Fall Festival, which I had no idea was so big and awesome! The kids weren’t with us, but they would have enjoyed it.


Some photos from the Family Fall Harvest Festival.




Face painting:






Pumpkins everywhere of course!




Petting zoo.




Corn Cannon











more food.


Not only does it have a HUGE corn maze outside, it also has corn to play in.


However, you will get no help from me when it comes to getting it out of your pants when you are done!


More pumpkins and, HEY, a train outside. Sorry, all the cars are full, gotta’ wait for the next one!


And more pumpkins and a HUGE Pumpkin you can jump in with a rope spider web to crawl on out in front of it.


This place has EVERYTHING including……


Lots of very nice Halloween and Fall decorations to purchase.  And of course, Pumpkins!!! So clean and spacious, the parking lot was full and people parked down the road, still it didn’t seem overly crowded. Nice place!

House – September 20

A lot of rain overnight, so though I haven’t been over to the house yet…it must be more of a mud pit than it already was yesterday.   I will probably get over there later today to see it. Can’t get around the outside much because I already lost my shoes in the mud once…not doing *that* again. (It sucked them right off my feet…was not a fan of standing barefoot in a bunch of mud trying to get my shoes back, they were stuck down in the mud about a foot deep, fool me once… duh).   Long story….

Yesterday the cleaners were there when I got there.  I’m kind of surprised they did this already, but I suppose it helps them see what they still need to fix and unveils the floors to make sure all is well with the floors.


Cleaning the main bath, no mirrors yet.  They must be saving most of the interior glass work for last.


Kitchen…I would really like to get in and look at it better, but I haven’t gone in at a time where I could do that without bothering someone.


Floor in living room – still wet from them mopping.


This was a really dark and rainy day out so the photos reflect it and the cleaners had all the lights on.


Sun room – where the ceiling fan will go is a light bulb for now.


Doors are installed for the closet in the office….and occasional bedroom.


Guest bedroom floor is looking good…I forgot to look inside the closets – that is where all the paint was on the floor.  I will be looking to check that out too next time I manage to get in…which may not be until the walk through at this point.


This is the bench area as you come in the door from the garage.  The door to the left of the photo is actually the door to the ‘flex room’ which will be our storage and cat room.


Laundry room sans washer and dryer which are a slate color.


Master bedroom floor.


Master bedroom – knock down ceiling – awaiting ceiling fan installation they installed just a light bulb.


Master bath – elec. plate missing on the wall, no glass yet. The shower to the left of the photo does not have the glass in yet…that wall you see behind the door is going to be glass. It is a big shower with a drying area, so no curtain needed. You go in and out of the shower on the end you cannot see in this photo.


AND we even have a toilet…who knew… 😉

Linen closet is below:


The master bedroom closet it HUGE…love it! (Below)


It is probably as big as the flex room.


We will be putting in built ins like we had at the old house.  It takes some time to do that as we did it ourselves at our old house, but it turned out great and we loved it. So we will do it again, just have to figure out how we want to configure it and what pieces we need. That will be going up soon after we move in because we don’t have drawers otherwise and will be living out of boxes except for the hanging items.  Don’t want to spend money on furniture we won’t keep using.

The next photos are for Bruce.


Master bedroom – tv ready. Special connections in the wall. TA DA!


Window screens were in the garage. You can see how wet it is outside…the first part of the garage floor is wet – looks like there is a blue piece of tape which means something needs to be done.  I’m thinking they need to get the paint off the garage floor?


AND it looks like the 50 amp for the RV has been completed, though I couldn’t get over to the box to look at what is under the cover, so will try to look at that.  Might wear my puddle jumpers so I don’t lose my shoes again in the process.



Today On The Mississippi – Sept. 19

Still pretty dark outside and not a lot of light coming in the camper at this point, even though all the window shades are open.

It looks like this outside:


That is not ALL rain, there is some fog out on the river.  The temp outside is 55 degrees right now.

They said we were supposed to be getting rain later this morning but…


I’d say they are a little off on that.  They are saying ‘no sunshine’ today and with how things are looking at this moment, that’s a pretty believable forecast.


Happy Wednesday!




House – Sept 18

Folks were working in the house when I got there in the afternoon.


So I went in and snapped some photos.


The place is pretty much just an all out mess right now. It has broken out in blue dots of tape all over the place. Marking imperfections would be my best guess.


Some of the paper protecting the floor has been torn off from people coming in and out to do their work.


This is the main bath….guest bath or whatever you want to call it – toward the front of the house. Faucets are on and TA DA…we have a toilet!


Cultured marble counter top and faucet in main bath. (above)

Below is the laundry room, the washer and dryer will be delivered the day after closing.


Yes, pretty unimpressive but hey, it is just laundry!  This time I have a counter and sink in my laundry room.  There are shelves on the wall they are not in the photo….to the right over the washer and dryer.


Thermostat and, not sure what the thing above it is,…April Air?  Looks like the paint around these two things could use a little work as well, but not seeing any blue tape.  If it isn’t looking better by Oct. 4th…it will end up being a walk-thru item to be fixed.

There are two closets in the guest bedroom.


Right closet.


Left closet – yikes look at the flooring.  They will be cleaning that up before we close.


Kitchen – the pendant lights are up, dishwasher is in, which is hard to see in this photo, but you can see the handle of it on the bottom right, next to the sink.


Guys working on the master bathroom. There will be a large mirror over the vanity.


Fixtures in the shower.

Right now, it is pretty hard to even imagine this place ever looking nice…or clean. 😉






House – Sept 17

Went over around noon and couldn’t get in.

But I noticed they had finished the lawn sprinkler system…it looks all in place.


Not sure what those red lines across the dirt are for.  Probably utilities of some sort…should have read the red flag, they probably go together


Also seeing blue squares of tape on things…as you see on the front door here. I am going to assume this is to indicate things that need touching up or fixing before the ‘orientation’ (or walk-through) about a week prior to closing on the house.