Labor Day Week 2018 (Part 1)

Over the Labor Day weekend and on into the weekend that follows it, our Motorhome is in travel mode, instead of the bank of the Mississippi River in MN. Our youngest daughter lives in Chicago and my Dad lives down in Florida.  So we make a yearly trek from Minnesota, stopping for a few days in Chicago and then going on to Florida…then back to MN in 12 days time.

During that time in Chicago we celebrate our youngest grandson’s birthday – this year he turned 3.  His mom is expecting his little brother toward the middle to end of October – so we will be going back there. Hopefully before she has the baby to take care of my 3 year old little grandguy while she is in the hospital giving birth to his brother.

Here are a few photos from our trip.


My oldest daughter and family join us for the ‘Chicago’ portion of the trip. It is a nice little family get together for a few days, then they drive back to MN and we go on to FL. Here we are in youngest daughter’s front room. She is sitting on the floor, the older daughter is sitting on the couch – that is her husband next to her on the couch.  My oldest grandson is in the background. And you see the now three year old sitting next to his Mom on the floor.  Oh and that other guy. standing beside the couch – no idea who he is. 😉

We did several things, but it was pretty rainy while we were in Chicago. So many things  we did were inside or around their house.  One thing was visiting the Chicago History Museum.




The trains in the museum are popular with the grandsons.


Oldest Grandson found a guitar to play.

Hung out at some playgrounds where you really can’t tell who the kids are and who the grandparents are sometimes. 😉

Also, they have a roof deck, so we spent time up there….

There was swimming and water balloons:

Whoa…someone was pretty excited to get in the pool!!


There we go, way to be, Mom!


Now we are in business….let the water-balloons begin.


On the way to another park,  you can see that my 3 year old grandson is just another Chicagoan talking on his play cell phone…walking and conducting business at the same time. His body guards surrounding him…uh must be a celebrity!


The guys at the park…doing what guys do…again, how old?

When we ‘camp’ in Chicago to visit our kids, we actually are a little over an hour away from their house, because there is really just no where close in Chicago to camp.

But where we were camped it just rained non-stop…pouring constantly, thunder, lightening – we had it all.

This is where we went in and out of the campground


This was the clubhouse where you signed in and did other things.


Luckily for us we were camped on high ground and only had to walk lightly through a few inches of water outside our camper to get to our car.


You can see the ‘undercarriage’ lights of the camper next to ours reflecting in the standing water.  It was quite the mess, so we didn’t spend any time there. Sometimes the kids come out to the camper and we do things around the campground – but not this time, it was too big of a mess. Even the playgrounds were flooded.  Everyone in tents went home so only bigger RVs were still there.

The day after Labor Day, the oldest daughter and family returned to MN, we moved on to Florida.


This was a pretty interesting cloud we saw shortly after getting underway on the second leg of our trip.

Tomorrow I will cover Florida….it’s getting a bit on the long side here.

Happy Thursday!

House Sept. 13th

Haven’t done posts for nearly 2 weeks due to being out of town. So here are a few photos.


This is in the kitchen, the floor is in. Most all of it is covered in protective paper right now because they were in there sanding the walls for another coat of paint.  But you can see some of it. The cabinets are covered with dust right now from the sanding of the walls.


Porch and walk are poured.


Driveway is in. And the garage door is on.


The sod is done UP TO our house and they are starting to do our landscaping, soon the sod will be in.


This guy is putting in the sprinkler system and doing other prep for landscaping.


Those photos were taken on Tues. , then Wednesday I went back and was to be there to have the windows measured for shades.  The guy never came.  So will go again today hopefully he will be there this time.

Here are photos from yesterday – after a huge storm went though.


The gas company paid our house a visit. He was over working on the gas meter from what I could tell.


A total mud pit…yucko.  But I saw the garage door down….which puzzled me why it is such a different color…it is supposed to be close to matching the trim…but I think, looks pretty ugly.  None of the exterior has gone the way we thought.  Very disappointing. 😦  Except the roof… and the shakes (?) placed in the peak of the house. The front door is nice too.  The colors were all selected together in the design center, but perhaps the lights in the design room were making them look different? Wish we’d have taken the samples out into the day light.  The siding is supposed be a greenish gray, not a bluish gray. The trim was supposed to be a cream color, but next to the garage door….it looks white, and to me – making the garage door more of a ‘yellow’.  Anyway, not sure what we can do about it now.    It just doesn’t look like the garage door is in anyway connected with the colors on the house.


And the air conditioner is in place as you can see on the side of the house.


The counters will probably be in this week or next. So that will be interesting.  They were putting the hardware on the doors when I went to wait for the guy that was to measure the windows.

Less than a month until closing.