House Sept. 13th

Haven’t done posts for nearly 2 weeks due to being out of town. So here are a few photos.


This is in the kitchen, the floor is in. Most all of it is covered in protective paper right now because they were in there sanding the walls for another coat of paint.  But you can see some of it. The cabinets are covered with dust right now from the sanding of the walls.


Porch and walk are poured.


Driveway is in. And the garage door is on.


The sod is done UP TO our house and they are starting to do our landscaping, soon the sod will be in.


This guy is putting in the sprinkler system and doing other prep for landscaping.


Those photos were taken on Tues. , then Wednesday I went back and was to be there to have the windows measured for shades.  The guy never came.  So will go again today hopefully he will be there this time.

Here are photos from yesterday – after a huge storm went though.


The gas company paid our house a visit. He was over working on the gas meter from what I could tell.


A total mud pit…yucko.  But I saw the garage door down….which puzzled me why it is such a different color…it is supposed to be close to matching the trim…but I think, looks pretty ugly.  None of the exterior has gone the way we thought.  Very disappointing. 😦  Except the roof… and the shakes (?) placed in the peak of the house. The front door is nice too.  The colors were all selected together in the design center, but perhaps the lights in the design room were making them look different? Wish we’d have taken the samples out into the day light.  The siding is supposed be a greenish gray, not a bluish gray. The trim was supposed to be a cream color, but next to the garage door….it looks white, and to me – making the garage door more of a ‘yellow’.  Anyway, not sure what we can do about it now.    It just doesn’t look like the garage door is in anyway connected with the colors on the house.


And the air conditioner is in place as you can see on the side of the house.


The counters will probably be in this week or next. So that will be interesting.  They were putting the hardware on the doors when I went to wait for the guy that was to measure the windows.

Less than a month until closing.


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