My Grandson-less Tuesday


The kids are on vacation down in San Diego this week. I have had Grand Greyhound Ruby with me since last Friday. She is a good little girl, no problem to have. The boys may feel a little put out about having a bossy female around. Ruby runs the show when she is here, is an only greyhound at her house and thinks everything should be her way and for the most part the boys do give way to her. I am also caring for their kitties (3) and their house as well. They will be back sometime Saturday, we will go pick them up at the airport. Meanwhile I need to get my kitties and doggies all into the vet in the next couple of weeks. Everyone is due for everything. Gonna’ be an expensive March! 

Meanwhile, I thought I would get a lot more done on my school work from not having my Grandbaby here with me today, but it is funny how life always finds a way to ‘fill in’ any extra time you may suddenly find on your hands. I was working on my notes for Excel, which I am already behind on due to a class communication issue the professor seemed to have with the entire class. I left to go check my daughter’s houRubyse and kitties, get some more dog food, and mail a birthday card…just a few errands, wasn’t gone all that long. Came back and Ruby had made herself pretty comfortable on the couch, found my notes on the back of the couch…hidden up there so nothing would happen to them, and decided to do a little work on them herself. Let’s just say the Excel notes are even more of a puzzle than they were. You know, I really didn’t want to do them anyway! 😉


Meemaw Is Tired Of Being Sick!




I think the title just about says it all. I keep getting sick, I do believe my little grandson brings more than his greyhound with him on his days with Meemaw. What’s a Meemaw? Oh yes, once my little grandson could talk, he began by calling both me and his Momma, ‘Momma’. It was all a bit confusing for him I think at about 6 months old or so and he also had another Gramma to address as well. He had a lot of concepts to grasp for a little guy. Very smart he is indeed, and I’m not saying it just because I am his Granny. He started talking in full sentences early enough to even surprise his own doctor. But then sometimes in order to understand him you have to speak ‘his’ language. Somewhere along the way, Momma stayed Momma (and rightfully so) but I turned in to Meemaw. I will pause here to mention that actually his first name here was given out to his very well loved Bampa. Yes, the first thing he asks as he walks in the door is Where’s Bampa? Bampa still in the shower? Once Bampa enters the room it is all about Bampa. Anyway, getting back onto the subject of ‘Meemaw’. I thought it was cute (I think everything he does is cute!) that he was calling me Meemaw and still tried to keep saying Grammy so that eventually he would get around to calling me what *I* thought I should be called. But found myself many times saying Meemaw back to him, when speaking grandson-ese, rather absent mindedly, instead of consistently supporting the Grams thing.

So the other night we were all together for his 2nd Birthday party, Meemaw, Bampa, his folks, and his other set of grandparents (my SIL’s folks). He’s all ‘hi Meemaw, hi Bampa!) and then he turns to his other grandmother and says ‘hi Grandma’. I am like whoa!!!! Did I actually hear ‘Grandma’…. he said ‘Grandma’ to her, Wow!!! So I commented to my daughter about what I had heard. She explains to me that he’s been saying Grandma for quite some time to the other Grandma, and just refuses to call me anything but Meemaw. That is who I am to him, and quite possibly, that is who I will stay. I wasn’t sure how to feel, because I am the Grams who has seen him (and my daughter’s family) through most everything regarding Grandson….I was graced by being able to be there for his ultrasound (when we found out it was a boy) right on through his birth (push…Push..just a little more Sweetie, you can do it). My word, I think I was nearly as tired as she was because I was pushing in a standing position and at least she was laying down. 😉 I have cleaned a ton of the poopiest of butts, rocked, held, played, read, worried….well, I figured it was high time I deserved that name ‘Gramma’!! And you know, who ever heard of being called ‘Meemaw’ sounds a bit like a donkey’s bray don’t you think? Okay – well except when my Grandson says it, then it makes me feel very happy and proud that I am his Meemaw. Obviously he has bestowed upon me his own version of identity for someone who he knows loves him very much and he feels safe with. I’m good with that, in fact I am more than good with that, I feel honored. However, I just have to ponder occasionally how it is going to sound in 20 years (if I am still around) when he walks to me with his girl and says, “Hi Meemaw, meet my girl friend.” His girlfriend will probably ask ‘Meemaw’ where did you get that name?” I’m thinking he might answer, “Well it is what she wanted to be called so that is what I call her, makes the old lady happy.” Now my question at this juncture is…how did he know I wanted to be called that when he was only six months old… before I even knew? See, I told you, he is a smart little guy!

Sunny Spots


 In this house the most important spot is any area that has even  the slightest amount of sun hitting the surface. Scooter takes this very seriously. If there is no bed on the sunny spot he tries very hard to ‘think’ one over into the area. If that doesn’t work then he stares at the person in the room trying to ‘think’ them into moving the bed into the sunny area. And if *that* doesn’t work, then he claws, pushes and shoves the bed in the direction of the sunny area. By the time he has tried everything that hasn’t worked, and IF the sunny spot is still there, he walks over and throws himself down in the sunny spot stretching his very long body as far and wide as possible. Making sure everyone must now walk over him to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ while looking at you like, ‘seeee – you should have just moved the bed!’


Lite Snow


PICT0074freshsnowcrop Yep…the skinny stuff, no calories….just a little fluff. It has been good to make things look clean, no yellow snow at the moment because it is currently snowing, but the hounds always make it their business to have their business be everyone’s business…so it goes that by the time they are out a couple times it is pretty clear where the dogs live. Look for the yellow snow and you will find a dog (or in our case the dogs!) Dogs are pretty ‘out there’ where bodily functions go, whereas cats are…..shhhhhh, ‘scuse me’ shhhhh….going in to a little covered box where I will have my privacy, and then….shhhhh (quietly now)….cover it up so no one sees it…I will tip toe back to where I was and get in the exact same position I was in before I did my ….shhhh…. business. No one will even know I did my business, because I am a cat. No body’s business is my business and my business is no one else’s business.

Really quite the big difference between the two!

Dogs are all ‘yeah, yeah….right here…I got your business right here! And I advertise!’

Unless of course your cat has gas…then it is a little more everyone’s business but still not as bad as several Greyhounds with gas, and for those moments we stock Federally approved gas masks or, if it is your choice, we can just let it render you unconscious and drag you out into the fresh air to recover. (Not recommended when the temps are -zero outside).

By The Pond



I guess I really never thought much about this until this morning. We have a lot of owls around our property, which I think is good. However, this morning I noticed a very large Barred Owl, I’d say about 18 inches or so in height, sitting on a wing of a fountain fairy (spouts water into our pond when temps are not freezing) looking for something. I went to take a photo and it flew into a nearby tree, still keeping an eye on something. That something turned out to be a small squirrel. *This* is the part that I really hadn’t thought much about before, the squirrel was about to become a part of the owl’s diet. We also have a lot of squirrels (who doesn’t) around the pond and have a bird feeder too which attracts them. No birds were in sight due to the owl’s presence. It just never really occurred to me that owls eat squirrels too. Mice and other small rodents, but it never clicked that if the owl was of a larger variety it also gnaws on a little larger animals like fox, Opossums, and squirrels. We hear them in the night hooting away outside, I love listening to them, don’t see them then though. I have never really seen them hunt in the daylight, actually I thought they reserved that behavior for the evening hours. Guess it all depends on how hungry they are, this one was definitely hunting in the day. I was then looking for the movie camera and caught a tiny bit of footage of the owl sitting in the tree looking around, but suddenly he took off. I missed it with the camera of course, it all happened to fast, so I am unclear whether the owl actually ended up with the squirrel or not. Not a very smart little squirrel to be the only creature at the pond with a big owl looming over head, I must say. The owl suddenly swooped out of the view finder and then both owl and squirrel were gone.

Hey, It’s Warm, Boots? Naw We’re Tough

Warm…well considering (28 degrees) how the weather goes in MN this time of year, a lot of times it is the most exciting thing going on. When it gets around this temp snow is never far away and stands to reason it has found its way into the forecast for the next few days. Quite a bit of it melted in the last couple of weeks with our warm spells and all. On the other hand the water that has formed from the melting snow is now a crunchy ice pack and makes for a poor running environment for my greyhounds who often feel the need for speed. Needless to say they have suffered some minor nicks when making the rounds. Two of my hounds have real issues with boots, another one is a total spaz when you put boots on him. I have several pair of expensive boots in their closet that I’d love to put on them when they go outside during times when the terrain is rough for paws. I gave it up when we were outside one day and one of them threw one boot, had the others loosened…and was just generally not happy with the situation. Still I was determined these guys were wearing their nice boots! I bent over to put this one hound’s (okay…it was Blew!) boots on right and just as I was getting the last one on he decided to bolt. My glasses went one way, I flew another…I think it would be safe to say ‘I had my bell rung’ big  time. When I found my glasses, I noted that now Blew was running around with two boots on right, one missing and the other ‘tread’ side up. Renner only had one boot on. Blew was standing on a patch of ice doing his best ‘Bambi’ impression (if you have seen that movie, where Bambi first stands on ice). Renner was running around on three legs because he still had a boot attacking one foot! Yeah….gave up on the boots after that. Now, days when the terrain is ultra rough just becomes a ‘no run’ day.

‘Blew and Renner Share A Little Sunshine’