January 14, 2019 New Stuff!


New rug in the front room!  This is a big deal to one individual in our house.


Mandy was like…what have you done with my old carpet, I had it smelling just right. (yep that was part of the reason to give it up.)


And apparently she decided to take matters into her own paws.




Well Mandy, I see you are making it smell a little more like you…is it soft enough?  Is it going to pass inspection?


Mandy: Hummm…still deciding.


Mandy: Okay, not bad, nice and soft, but I will have to work on the lack of odoriferous dog odors.

So far so good with the new carpet!

Something else I will mention we saw yesterday:


Target just remodeled our local store.  There must have been some event or something because when we arrived to do a little grocery shopping this truck was pulling off the sidewalk and employees were directing it trying to get it out of there.

The weirdest part was who was inside….


I believe his name is Spot? Thank goodness he wasn’t the driving.

Happy Monday!

January 11, 2019 Morning


There it is! The view out my window…another day on the rise.


Looks like it is going to be a pretty nice weekend:


Not a bad forecast for a Minnesota January.  Been kind of a mild winter all in all, still no snow…makes me a little nervous, just waiting for the ‘other shoe’ to drop. 🙂


Mandy is two ears up these days!!  She was having so much trouble with one of her ears, I won’t even go into detail, but even a punctured ear drum.  She would keep the left one mashed down flat to her head all of the time.  It has taken us nearly a year to get a grip on her ear problem.  But as you can see, she’s listening with both.  So either we are saying a lot more interesting things around her, or it just feels better…good enough to raise.  Actually it looks a little odd when she holds her ears like that…I think she’s listening for the sound of Cheese, her favorite.


Mandy: And you know, cheese is pretty quiet, so it takes a good listener to be able to hear someone bite into cheese. I hear more than I let on.  TCHEESEIF

Happy Friday!

January 7, 2019


Nope, no beautiful sunrise photos to share today…that is fog.  Very cloudy from the upper atmosphere down to the ground.


Fidget: Not a spot of sunshine to lay in ANYWHERE. Yes, I’m grumpy….


About the most exciting thing happening the last day or two is that Mandy has decided to do weird things with her paws….like hold them like this…for no good reason.


Mandy: Boring me again, Mom.

Happy Monday!