Friday – September 20, 2019


So much for a lovely sunrise photo, it was super foggy out this morning.

However yesterday…



A gorgeous sunrise.


Also, when I went out I saw a Bald Eagle snacking on something.


I pulled over the car and got a shot of him, not the greatest, but I am always so impressed with them I have to watch them.

So from August 30th thru September 10th we were traveling in our RV. A little vacation which , during the Labor Day holiday, always leads us down to visit my Dad.

Usually we go to Chicago to visit my youngest daughter and her family then down to my Dad in Florida, but since the kids were just here so we went to the Ozarks, Bransen, MO, then worked our way down to my Dad’s house.

I will cover those in future posts soon!

But I will go back even a little bit further to the weekend before we left, August 24th weekend. We ended up meeting the kids in Stillwater, MN to walk around and catch Pokemon.


I love the murals.


Just a few shots of our stroll around the city.


And there is the lift bridge below.






Didn’t get to go into the Warden’s house as it was just closing as we arrived.  Maybe next time.

Had dinner at the Brick & Bourbon there in Stillwater, sat up on the roof.






It turned into a nice day and we all enjoyed it.


Then our Grandson decided he wanted to spend the rest of the weekend with us so he came over and we played some games and watched a movie.

Sunday on the way to take him home we stopped places to collect some Pokemon along the way.

We stopped at the Rum River Dam and Anoka.
















These next photos were painted on the walls of a walking tunnel we went through while walking. Pretty neat!




It was a nice day with our Grandson.

Happy Friday!


Catching Up – September 17, 2019


Sunrise today. Sky is pretty cloudy now.

Catching up – been a while since I posted so I will go back a few days.


Sunrise yesterday, Monday Sept. 16th, 2019. Sky looked like it was on fire. Beauty.


Sunrise Sunday, Sept. 15th, 2019.  A bit on the foggy side.

Friday, Sept. 13th, 2019 we stepped out for a pint and dinner at The Burning Brothers tap room.

20190913_190205.jpgWe do this fairly often on Friday night. It is a gluten free facility and they brew a variety of Gluten Free Beers.






They have variety of food trucks serving gluten free items, so depending on the food truck showing up that evening we go and try new things to eat.

This last time it was Crazy Puppy food truck. They have the best gluten free onion rings I have ever had…however, breaded things in a gluten free world are just not something I have very often, nor are they normally offered, but they were great!




Okay – not very healthy, but I get to have something like this so rarely that it is very hard to resist. Chicken tenders came along with it, they were okay, but paled in comparison to the onion rings.

More scenes at Burning Brothers:


Place generally has a pretty good crowd on a Friday night.  A lot of game playing goes on there as well as just community chatting and enjoying a brew with some friends.  Crowd is pretty friendly.


The popcorn is always on the house, they pop it right there. You can also have your own personal mug.


Our furry friends are invited to join us and do quite often.  They are usually open to  some handouts, if allowed by their people.


This is a working brewery, and tables are available in the back – again lots of game playing – in areas where the staff are not currently working.  Occasionally we have gotten to watch them can their items, very interesting to watch them work.


Friday night there was a full moon, unusual because it was also Friday the 13th. A full moon on Friday the 13th is an extremely rare occurrence, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. It reports that this was the first full moon visible across the U.S. on Friday the 13th since Oct. 13, 2000. The next one isn’t expected to happen again for another 30 years—on Aug. 13, 2049.


The photo is taken out the car window on the way home.



Happy Tuesday!

August 20, 2019


Watch out Sun, here comes the clouds!


Storms just to the north of us. Looks like they may miss us today.

This weekend was a busy one.


The wedding of a niece.  Brought family to visit.


Youngest daughter with her two little ones from Chicago.  Oldest daughter with her son and husband.


At reception with Mother in law.

While at the house:











Never a dull moment!

We did go to the Oliver Kelly Farm to see what was happening there:


Summer garden was in full swing.  It was Pickling weekend there.


Beautiful August wildflowers.


Maple the cow.




Fixing things out in the shed by the barn.


Roosters just hangin’ out.


A little dinner – first french fry EVER… 😉  Nummy!


Then in the backyard for a little play time.


Looks like trouble:20190820_082622.jpg

Maybe double trouble…




And it looks like I was wrong about the storm missing us:


It is getting darker by the second.


Just went out to move in the lawn chairs.  The wind has greatly picked up and is cool. Also smells strongly of rain.  So what time is it?


Jordie says – time to get going!

Happy Tuesday!

Miss Mandy – August 18th, 2019


Mandy a few days ago – our senior girl.

Mandy  027resized[4].jpg

Hot Stuff Amanda when she first came to live with us.

Our precious girl has gone on to meet ALL of her brothers and sisters who came before her at the bridge.


Though she has left us feeling pretty sad, she will have SO much company at the bridge I know she will be very happy.

It was actually last Wednesday that she said her final goodbye as she made her way into the sky to become the brightest star in the night, sending her love down to everyone each night.


This was the sky at sunset that evening…beautiful just like she was.

Before Mandy left she did have one request:


Mandy: Please tell that cat the pink fuzzy bone is all his now.


Her request was honored.

We love you Miss Pants.  We will miss you terribly.


Mandy January 1, 2008 – August 14, 2019.

Run Free Sweet Girl!

You will always be with us in our hearts.

Hey – August 7, 2019




There it is!

This last weekend we camped at a KOA near Duluth.

The following are photos from that trip.


First time we have eaten here.  Great with the Gluten Free items…NO complaints about this place. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Food was very good. A large selection for those with Celiac’s Disease!  Had a nice time there.






It’s in Carlton.  However, it is not Carton that is crooked, it is my photo…as I was crossing the street.  AKA a quick snap. 🙂


Carlton is a pretty small town but is know as the:


(Gateway to Jay Cooke –  a great state park)

They also had a park there that was for big and little kids both.


This netted climbing area with a ‘crow’s nest’ led to a totally covered slide.

A ‘zip line’ which we all rode it I believe, sometimes together.


Then Saturday we went into Duluth with a stop or two on the way.

One of the stops was at:


A Japanese Peace Bell Garden – so beautiful there. Lots of flowers so well kept.  And of course the rock garden.


You can ‘bong’ the Japanese Peace Bell


Go up the tower for more spectacular views.




Hummm…who ARE those people? 😉


Over looking Duluth and the lake from the hill in the park.

Then on into Duluth:


Some fog was pushing in to the city, so you could feel the temps drop about 10 degrees. Was a hot day, so it felt pretty good. Above is the Lift Bridge in the mist of the fog that was moving in.


We walked down the boardwalk, but it is gone…due to severe weather that tore up the wooden planks, you now walk down a dirt and gravel path.


Still a nice walk…that took us to:


You know it!

But me being a Celiac…I have problems at most Breweries. Except here at the Canal Park Brewing Company they have:


Yep, a Gluten Free Beer – just happens to be one of my favorites for the moment.  We go down to the Burning Brothers tap room on Friday nights from time to time …here in the cities.  They have food trucks that come and feed us gluten free food while they are there.  Ya gotta’ love that.  But this really isn’t about them – this is about the place we were having lunch/dinner at.


They also do really well with the Gluten Free food. Lots to choose from. Nice atmosphere. We always try to go there when in Duluth. Usually a wait to get a table.




We also walk through the shops there in Canal Park:

As we were in one of our favorite places to browse, this happened:


I was confronted by a very large cat!


Okay, ya got me THIS time…. now put that back. 😉 My entire family – clowns…all of them.

Then driving through Cloquet we saw this, interesting because:

20190802_180732.jpgIt is the only Gas Station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


The famed architect designed this gas station of the future with a lookout tower. In 1927,  he designed this gas station as part of a Utopian city plan that he championed throughout his professional life. This little piece of Wright’s utopia was intended for Buffalo, New York. The Buffalo station was never built, but 30 years later, the master architect got his gas station – this one in Cloquet, Minnesota and it’s still in business today.

Weird and cool at the same time.

And that about sums it all up.

Happy Wednesday!

Update – July 29, 2019

Some great ‘sky’ photos as we have been having some dramatic weather around here.


But first today’s sunrise.


Yep it is peaking out. Supposed to be a nice one today.  About time because we have had some ugly weather going through the area lately.

But let’s look back a little first:

Sunrise last Wednesday, July 24th.


The misty farmer’s field with the sun in the process of peaking out.


Sun is still working on waking up the world.


There it is!

Now Sunrise Thursday, July 25th:

Very dramatic!



Then the weekend brought some awful ‘stuff’ our way.

Friday, July 26th…whoa..


We had gone to the Burning Brothers Tap room – gluten free beer and food after work.  There for maybe an hour or two. Left to come home around 7 pm and wished we’d left a half an hour sooner.


Of course we were in the car, so you see reflections in the photos.


The skies were decked out with some pretty impressive clouds.


Then the rain began and quickly we were in a pocket of very severe weather:


And hail – the sky where it looks ‘yellowish’ well should look more green.


Traffic STOPPED and we hid under a bridge, nothing was going by us as it was raining and hailing SO hard, not only could you not see, but you were concerned for your car.


Photo taken under bridge as we waited for it to slow down a little. Something that hasn’t happened to us very often, bad enough to ‘hide out’ from the storm while on the road.

Then it slowed down and we decided to make a break for it.  Thought it had passed but about 10 minutes from home we saw this again.


Yep, about 5 minutes from home we were hunting for someplace to hide again…we found a person’s driveway under some trees (maybe not the safest place to park in a storm) it provided some shelter from the hail. We seemed to escape damage as far as we were concerned.  And at this point it was not so windy, but just slamming rain and hail.

We got home okay, but you could see neighbor’s planters rolling around all tipped over. We have 3 colorful metal flower ornaments in the front of our house, the biggest one was tipped over, busted…oh well. Considering, not much really was hurt in our neighborhood (that I am aware of).

But then around 9:30 pm…it all fired up again.

20190726_214159.jpg Yep…those are some large storm clouds, but the most of it stayed just North of us.  I took some video of the sky later as the thunder and lightening continued to be *very* present. It looked like the trees were having a strobe light show.  Was pretty cool to watch, but I am betting not so fun for the folks who were in the storm zone.

Saturday we met with the kids and had some Mexican food, then on to their house for some gaming and visiting.  Home for the evening after that.

Then Sunday – – no photos, but some very bad storms passed through in the afternoon into the evening.  We ran out for errands and ended up in a rain storm again, not as bad as on Friday.  When we got home from everything, about an hour later another storm just pounded us. We didn’t have a tornado in our neighborhood, but there were several around where we live. Not really close, but in the vicinity.


Lemme: It’s all behind us now, everyone should just chill. Besides, not a drop of rain of ever touched me.


Mandy: And *I* just want to mention…*I* have the fuzzy pink bone! (Get your own, Fidge-cat).

Happy Monday!