Spring? April 11, 2019

Remember when I talked about a winter storm yesterday?


That’s my sunrise shot for today.

And the roads look like this:

april 11, 2019.jpg



Schools are closed. Many offices are closed so working from home today.

The wind with this storm is really strong and you could hear how strong it was inside as it was driving the sleet to hit the house pretty hard.  Snow, sleet and rain is involved in the storm causing terrible road conditions.  It will continue throughout the day into the evening. It is much worse in the southwestern portion of Minnesota than here, north of the Twin Cities area.

Temps should be back into the 60’s next week so it won’t be hanging around for too long. Unfortunately, in Minnesota, this doesn’t mean the last we will see of snow.  One would hope it was over with this storm, but Mother Nature may decide otherwise.


Mandy: Dang, enough already of the cold bathroom!

(she was a blur to get back in the house…moving PRETTY FAST).


Fidget: No problem… just stay inside!

I’m just feeling like one of these are necessary:

sunrise Bev Beach.jpg

Back to Beverly Beach.

Happy Thursday!

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