April 2, 2019


Sunrise! Some rain in the forecast today and highs in the 50s. No complaints about that. We FINALLY got our gutters in yesterday.  This is a new area and the gutter companies were just overloaded with folks wanting gutters in.


We were in Chicago awaiting a new grandson when we first settled on the house, if you all recall, did a quick run back to MN to close, then back to Chicago. So some things were delayed just enough to not be done before the winter set in heavily enough to halt things until Spring.  Gutters was one of them.  But now they are on and we are looking for rain to test them out. Hopefully they are nicely installed and work well.  Gutters…there is something folks don’t get real excited about, nor even think about most of the time.


Though I would like to mention that ours has folding spouts so I will be running out to put them up when I see the maintenance folks cutting the grass. (I guess we will see how long it takes for them to run them over…and mash them).

Just want to share the progression of the sunrise this morning…pretty fantastic.


The view through my window:


For a short time it was a scarlet sky and the light washed across the kitchen.



So…moving on to our vacation week while in FL.

The first thing we did is went to Beverly Beach and camped on the beach with our RV. Something we had always wanted to do. It was just a little over an hour from where my Dad was doing physical therapy rehab so we still pretty close if I was needed.

Below you will see some photos:




Truly a beautiful place.  Very tranquil, especially in the midst of everything we were dealing with at the time. So glad we went. Would love to go back one of these days.


Mandy has been on the edges of lakes before so I really didn’t know how she’d feel about the ocean, she seemed to enjoy being out there with us.  The water a little cold so not much swimming was going on.  February is Winter in Florida too. 🙂


Sandpipers and other birds were following the ebbing and flowing waves, grabbing things to eat as the tide provided. They were fun to watch, almost comical at times.


There were a couple of foggy days:


Sunrise is there somewhere.


Now THAT is a foggy sunrise! The fog drifted away by late morning.


But most sunrises were absolutely beautiful! A great way to start the day.  In the lower right hand corner you can see part of the seawall we were up on. The camper wasn’t directly parked in the sand of the beach of course.  There were pads up on the seawall and steps down to the beach proper.

Due to the hurricanes they are always working around the area to restore the beaches. They added sand at the top portion of the beach and even planted some little plants to help with erosion.


Mandy: Ahhh…to feel the sand and water on my paws again. Yawn….

Happy Tuesday!