Room-scape – April 26, 2019


This speaks a lot to Hound vs. Feline.  It is warmer in the house now, due to the sun.  I look up because I hear heavy breathing and it is Mandy.  She is laying with her body on the softness of the rug, but with a large part of her body on the coolness of the floor, she is still too warm.  Lemme, a black kitty, chooses the sunny spot on the rug because he feels one can never be too warm.


And then there is Fidget laying in the hall, because it is closer to the food AND he can watch everyone in case they want to feed him.

Nice day today, not as warm as yesterday and supposedly snow tomorrow and Sunday. Though I doubt we will see if up here, north of the cities, we’ll see.


Mandy: Did you just say S N O W? Bad Mom…Bad, bad, bad Mom!

Happy Friday!

Wildlife Study – April 25, 2019


A little sun, very little, is better than none.  Though the weather peeps are saying it will be sunny later. Fingers crossed.

A Wildlife Study:


Things start off slightly blurry and the subject seems a little suspicious.


Behold the magnificent beast!


Ruler of all he surveys.








Okay, maybe not quite ‘all’…well, sometimes…or not.



He’s either roaring, bored. or wants me to check out his tonsils.  Looks good down there Fidge.


We’ll go with bored.

Happy Thursday!

‘It’s Morning Time’ April 23, 2019

When my oldest daughter was in her early years, playing with her toys, you would hear her say to her them, ‘It’s morning time’ and then get them out of their sleeping places.


For some reason her little voice repeating this phrase showed up inside my head as I was looking at the sunrise this morning. I think always think it is weird how things just pop into my head like that with no rhyme or reason. They often provoke a whole line of thoughts and visuals that I would have never thought of at that point in time.

Karissa and Kim with Happy bear.JPG

Here are the girls along with Freddy Bear, which she called Happy Bear.  Happy Bear went everywhere with us a lot of the time, along with Meow.  Youngest daughter had a yellow and white flowered pillow I’d made for her.  She would bring it everywhere. What she didn’t know is that up in the top of my closet I had a few of those pillows I’d made and would replace it if her current one went missing. (or was beyond being washed again).

A little walk down memory lane.

Speaking of memories, another set of them from our Florida trip:

After our few days at Fort Wilderness we went back to the RV park we were staying in to be by my Dad until he was settled back into his home and on his way to adjusting. When we got back they assigned us a new spot.  I didn’t like the spot because it was sandy and in between a bunch of park models.  I was not happy with the spot, mostly because of the sandiness and so we went back and forth about whether or not we’d go into it. Finally just decided to give it a shot.


Yep…that a photo of us trying to get ‘unstuck’ only partially into the spot.  What a mess.


The more we and some of the neighbors worked to get us out of there, the worse it got.


At this point nearly bottomed out, frustrated and concerned about possible damage to the coach we call in:



Wow…this bad boy was just frickin’ awesome. We were just in awe when this tow truck drove up.  It was huge!


But then it would need to be to pull out our 38 foot rig.  Diesel pusher…the heavy engine is in the back, which accounts for us sinking into the sand up to our butts. The heavy part of the camper was in the sand.

The guy was pretty nice and he controlled everything with a remote controlled joy stick.

He was very concerned about getting our rig out without damaging it because it was in so deep.  He gave us all sorts of nightmare scenarios, like windows popping out and twisting…well you get the drift.


My husband was smart enough to not buy into everything the guy said would possibly happen when he pulled it out. Me…I turned my back to the crowd and fought tears, I was pretty stressed out by that time.  Yes, I said crowd…half the park was out there, some in their golf carts, watching everything.  It was a Sunday afternoon, which for these folks meant nothing, they are mostly retired and nearly everyday is Sunday for them. 😉  One of the people there thanked us for the show because it was the most exciting entertainment they’d had there for years.


Well the guy got us out in no time and made it look so easy.  Not one bit of damage to the coach.  Course it cost us nearly $500.00, but still such a relief. Now the park was apologizing for putting us in that spot and moved us to another.  We wrote a letter to the owner to try recouping the cost and the owner ended up paying us back for the towing bill. Very nice of them, but I have to say that was a pretty stressful afternoon, being worried about our house on wheels.

We parked in our new spot, without fanfare and went to visit my Dad still in his rehab.


He was doing pretty good.

Then went to have dinner:


Love the crooked glass.

About a week or so later Dad went home:


And started adjusting very quickly.


That’s his buddy. Elvis, sitting next to him.  He doesn’t have a dog, but loves them.  This guy in particular just loves him. Dad carries treats for him in his pocket.

On St. Patrick’s day they have all sorts of stuff at the square near where Dad lives, Spanish Springs Square.  They had an antique car show there that is quite a bit of fun on St. Patrick’s day weekend.


We sat at the Margarita Republic there in Spanish Springs to see the sights.




The area is pretty packed during this event.




It was fun to see all the antique cars, some of which we drove back in the day.

That pretty much sums up our trip.  After Dad was in his home for a little over a week and doing very well, we left to drive home.  It was a good trip home, no problem.


Mandy: It wore me out!


Lemme: And now you are back!


Lemme: Fidget and I missed our human seat cushions!

Happy Tuesday!

April 22, 2019

“Monday Monday…can’t trust that day…” (Momas and the Papas, 1966)


Not a beautiful morning as you can see.

But yesterday, Easter morning, looked something like this:






And though there was rain early on, the sun was offering us promise for the rest of the day.  It came though.

In the morning we were over at our oldest daughter’s house for a Easter brunch. Then in the afternoon came over to our house for a little dinner.

It was the first time I have ever had an Easter dinner quite like this one.

Pizza, salad, fruit, Brazi bites and chocolate cake.  Very casual.  But was requested by everyone attending, a no fuss, fun Easter dinner. So that is what we delivered.  I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.


Neither my daughter or myself were feeling up to snuff. She is just a couple of weeks post surgery, still has another month of recuperation time ahead of her. So she was feeling pretty worn out by dinner time.

I made the mistake of getting a shingles vax on Friday that makes you sick for a few days. And mostly, all I wanted to do was sleep. Man, never felt quite so tired from doing nothing. 😉  It’s supposed to last for like…3 days. So hopefully as today goes on I will feel  more ‘with it’.

This weekend we got stuff for the patio.


Nothing big but just to make it so we could sit out there. A glider, two chairs and a fire table, oh and a plastic recycled rug…thing. I will have to provide a better photo, but it is raining and stuff is covered up. The rug is very light and so the wind picks it up as you can see on the right side of the photo.  I will get some of the ‘tacky’ stuff used to hold it down, though it is like a wind tunnel out there much of the time. But I will give it a shot.  We are also not done and still working on the ex-pen portion of it for Mandy, to make it look better.


Mandy: I am protesting the weather by not eating my breakfast no matter where Mom puts it.  Gloomy days wear me out.

Happy Monday!


April 19, 2019


Sunrise, sunrise, looks like mornin’ in your eyes, (Nora Jones lyric)

Last night our cats were having a pretty good time. Not sure what has gotten into them. Could it be that Spring has FINALLY sprung and is the CATalyst for them FELine so goofy?

It was like ‘boing’….sorry we’re crazy now! Except, if my cats could talk, they would never use the word ‘sorry’. 🙂

We have a toy for the cats that sits out all the time and I hardly ever see the cats mess with it.  However, last night it was a whole different story.


Ninja kitty…


Not…I still see you Fidget.

That’s Fidget the Maine Coon, very wide…he’s a BIG guy side to side.  But being partially in this tube makes him look very long as well.  You can see his backside hanging out and then if you look into the darkness of the tube way to the left of the photo you can see the white on his face.  Just looked a little odd to me.

When I was out and about yesterday I noticed the gate was open to the RV park we lived in last summer while we built our new house. It was right on the banks of the Mississippi River, if you recall.  If you don’t you can go back further in this blog and see all sorts of photos from when we lived there.


You can see, if you compare to the older photos posted back 7 months ago or so, we were there from May thru October, the river is a lot higher.  There has been trouble in MN due to flooding this year and the site we were on is in the flood zone of the park.


Though the water has already been going down for a little while, it was never that high when we were staying there.  They are also predicting another crest for the river, but not sure it will go back up again in this area.  If I think of it and am in the area, I will have another drive through to see.


The spot between the blue and white motorhome and the trailer is where where we spent last summer and fall.  Both of those folks were there last time as well. We paid several thousand dollars up front to stay there for 6 months.

Most of the people out there own their sites, and we were invited to purchase ours. But we didn’t get our Motorhome to stay put. At least not yet.  Maybe when we are older and are getting tired of roaming we will find a place we really like enough to stay. However, it is not in our game plan right now.


Looks like the folks who have the trailer that was next to us had something crush the roof of their shed. Wonder if they know about that yet?  Wonder if they will be able to just ‘pop’ it back out. Probably not. 😦   Could have been the weight of the snow that caused it, but I’m guessing the high wind in the storm we had a few days back caused part of a tree to fall on it.  In the earlier photo where you can see our spot, there looks like a pile of wood stacked next to a tree. That was not normally in that spot. So they may have cut up what fell and stacked it there.

The place opens April 15th each year. When I drove through I saw a quite a few folks out there bringing their stuff in and cleaning up their places. So this weekend or next will probably be pretty big on folks moving in.


Just a couple more photos of the shore.


It looks all muddy and gloomy out there now. But in a month’s time, if not sooner, it will look like this:

Miss 7.31.2018.jpg



That is our RV…that won’t be there of course. 🙂

Today On Miss 8.23.18.jpg

They take pretty good care of the place.  Most people are pretty nice too.

Mandy 7.23.18.jpg

Mandy: I liked all the walks we took everyday there.  The ducks in the water would entertain me and people liked to tell me how beautiful I am. But then people tell me that every where we go. 🙂

Happy Good Friday!

April 17, 2019


Sunrise! Have a quick look because it peaked out then the clouds took over.


The sun just wasn’t around long. Now cloudy and will be raining soon. Perhaps some thunder, I can see on the radar it is moving in to our area.

That said I will continue with more photos from the our trip.

We also went to the other Disney parks, not just the Animal Kingdom. One day we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. Didn’t take many photos there either and the ones I took were of the Toy Story Mania ride.


When you are coming into the ride it begins to work on making you feel the size of the toys in that movie.  You can see the door dwarfs you and they did that with everything in that room.


Felt kind of weird, but was fun.

Long wait for that ride but again, Fast Pass is the way to go.

As we were walking through the streets we ran in to these guys:




“DA DA DA, da, DA DA, da, DA DA…” (a little Star Wars music)






Rey and Chewy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May the force be with you!

Happy Wednesday!