Happy Birthday Fidget – April 1, 2019




2010 12 14 Renner Too Much Snow 009[5].jpg

Still the green eyed beauty you have always been big boy! Hope your day is a good one.


Now on with today’s post.



Early on above.


A little time later in the morning this was the view our window…looks a little like mountains in the distance, though there are none. A beautiful pastel sunrise today.

I want to take you back to Sunday’s sunrise though.  It was gorgeous and very dramatic:


It had a bit of a flare to it as it rose.  Pretty cool!

This weekend my oldest daughter had surgery Friday morning early on and was released later that evening. She is doing well now, but it prompted our Grandson to spend the night with us because we weren’t sure if she’d be coming home Friday night or not until Saturday morning.  Her husband stayed over there with her so we took our Grandson out to see him Mom, then have dinner and come back to spend the night at our place.  We watched somethings he wanted to watch on Netflix, and then played some games.

It was the first time anyone had stayed with us at our new place so we let him pick where he wanted to sleep. Instead of picking the guest bedroom, he chose the futon in the sunroom. He is always so much fun to have around.  We don’t get to spend as much time as we used to with him, as he is older and has plenty else he wants to do, so we value the time spent with him. It was a lot of fun!

When coming back from being with my Dad in FL, we decided to stop in the Chicago area and spend a day with our youngest daughter and her family.

The stay was, of course, way too short, but we enjoyed our time with them. Some photos follow:


Oldest Grandson on the roof deck, not sure why he decides to wear his goggles, but he sure was having a good time.


This is my daughter and the little guy… he was about 5 months old then. He is so big for 5 months! Lots of smiles and giggles from this little guy.


Looks like Grandpa is having a pretty good time as well!


We then went to dinner at a Kurdish place, one of my favorite places to go when we are there to visit.  The kids are always so good when we go out.  All of our grand kids are.  It is always a huge pleasure to be with our daughters and their families.


Fidget: Yawn….Give it a break, Mom…nuff said! Besides, you are making Mandy sleepy.


Happy Monday!

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