April 19, 2019


Sunrise, sunrise, looks like mornin’ in your eyes, (Nora Jones lyric)

Last night our cats were having a pretty good time. Not sure what has gotten into them. Could it be that Spring has FINALLY sprung and is the CATalyst for them FELine so goofy?

It was like ‘boing’….sorry we’re crazy now! Except, if my cats could talk, they would never use the word ‘sorry’. 🙂

We have a toy for the cats that sits out all the time and I hardly ever see the cats mess with it.  However, last night it was a whole different story.


Ninja kitty…


Not…I still see you Fidget.

That’s Fidget the Maine Coon, very wide…he’s a BIG guy side to side.  But being partially in this tube makes him look very long as well.  You can see his backside hanging out and then if you look into the darkness of the tube way to the left of the photo you can see the white on his face.  Just looked a little odd to me.

When I was out and about yesterday I noticed the gate was open to the RV park we lived in last summer while we built our new house. It was right on the banks of the Mississippi River, if you recall.  If you don’t you can go back further in this blog and see all sorts of photos from when we lived there.


You can see, if you compare to the older photos posted back 7 months ago or so, we were there from May thru October, the river is a lot higher.  There has been trouble in MN due to flooding this year and the site we were on is in the flood zone of the park.


Though the water has already been going down for a little while, it was never that high when we were staying there.  They are also predicting another crest for the river, but not sure it will go back up again in this area.  If I think of it and am in the area, I will have another drive through to see.


The spot between the blue and white motorhome and the trailer is where where we spent last summer and fall.  Both of those folks were there last time as well. We paid several thousand dollars up front to stay there for 6 months.

Most of the people out there own their sites, and we were invited to purchase ours. But we didn’t get our Motorhome to stay put. At least not yet.  Maybe when we are older and are getting tired of roaming we will find a place we really like enough to stay. However, it is not in our game plan right now.


Looks like the folks who have the trailer that was next to us had something crush the roof of their shed. Wonder if they know about that yet?  Wonder if they will be able to just ‘pop’ it back out. Probably not. 😦   Could have been the weight of the snow that caused it, but I’m guessing the high wind in the storm we had a few days back caused part of a tree to fall on it.  In the earlier photo where you can see our spot, there looks like a pile of wood stacked next to a tree. That was not normally in that spot. So they may have cut up what fell and stacked it there.

The place opens April 15th each year. When I drove through I saw a quite a few folks out there bringing their stuff in and cleaning up their places. So this weekend or next will probably be pretty big on folks moving in.


Just a couple more photos of the shore.


It looks all muddy and gloomy out there now. But in a month’s time, if not sooner, it will look like this:

Miss 7.31.2018.jpg



That is our RV…that won’t be there of course. 🙂

Today On Miss 8.23.18.jpg

They take pretty good care of the place.  Most people are pretty nice too.

Mandy 7.23.18.jpg

Mandy: I liked all the walks we took everyday there.  The ducks in the water would entertain me and people liked to tell me how beautiful I am. But then people tell me that every where we go. 🙂

Happy Good Friday!