Who’s Looking At YOU Fidge…

Fidget decided to force his way into my lap, figured I’d been on my computer long enough. After being proud of himself he looked over at my laptop only to find the laptop was not real happy about being replaced by a kitty.

He stared back at those Owl eyes looking at him for sometime, before dozing off. But I have to wonder just a little bit about the inner workings of his mind while he was staring at the screen.

Mandy’s Trip Home From Camping.

This is how Mandy has decided she likes riding in our camper. This started recently. Matter of fact, it started on the way home from our last camping trip.



I don’t necessarily feel this is the safest way for her to ride and am not even sure why she suddenly decided to do it as she has soft dog beds, yes more than one, strewn about the aisle of the camper to lay on.

But if she is happy, I am happy.