Morning – May 30, 2019


Sunrise was a bright orange sun in a gray sky.  Unfortunately the camera would not pick up the red of the sun this morning.

Spent a few days in Chicago with youngest daughter and family, over the Memorial Day weekend.








Welcomed home by my cats who were so excited to see us.


Fidget: Hey, they are back. yawn


Fidget and Lemme: Yes we ransacked the house, hair-balled the areas we thought would be the most difficult to clean and left no rug un-rumpled.  PARTY!!!


Lemme: Go away, you’re bothin’ me.


Mandy: Good to be home again.


Happy Thursday!

Weekend Update – May 14, 2019


Sunrise. Very nice out right now.

This last weekend was Mother’s Day weekend and Fishing Opener.  I hope everyone got to do things they wanted to do and had a nice Mother’s Day.

We met my oldest daughter and her family in Stillwater and went to eat at Fellers.  They were pretty good with the Gluten Free items. Service was on the slow side, but the server was nice and the food was pretty good. Being together was the main thing.


I had a gluten free Eggs Benedict, which I used to love to have, but being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, is pretty rare that I find a place willing to serve it gluten free. Which most times means just having a gluten free bread instead of regular bread.


Daughter and husband.


There were little designs painted on the walls.


Got the Grandson to look up from his phone long enough for this photo.




I’d say our family is pretty glued to their phones.  I’m always taking photos, so mine was out as well.  Anyway, after eating we walked a around Stillwater a little bit. They had other things to do so we didn’t have a lot of time to hang before they had to get back. There for maybe an hour or two.  It was cloudy but never did rain.

My daughter in Chicago gave me a call.  My grandson Jordan – her oldest. Did a lot of talking, which we really enjoy.  However, he is all about his grandpa and just wanted to talk to Gpa Bruce.  I guess he calls me Gma Bruce. Oh well I try but Gpa is a very popular guy. It is what it is I guess.



Mandy has her own bottle of wine. It has been around for a long time, but she just re-discovered it.

Squeak, squeak, squeak…


The more it squeaked, the wilder she got.




She has a pretty good time when she decides to play with toys she hasn’t played with for a while.


Mandy: I’m tired now but I have a lot more toys to pull out of the basket!


Photo of an annoyed cat.

Happy Tuesday!









Another Friday – May 10, 2019


We have Sun!

I just want to say that I have been in physical therapy for a knee injury and though my knee is fine and not causing pain …. I have so much pain when I move where my leg attaches to my pelvis..on the inside, I may never go back to the guy.  I didn’t start out with any pain there, and now that hurts more than my knee EVER did. It is really hard to sit and rise to stand, very painful. It is the transition from one position to another that’s the killer.  I am hoping it is just muscle pain, but I am not all that sure that’s what it is. Just wanted to vocalize.  Done now.

Okay, so not much going on here today.  Hopefully it will be a nice weekend. It is Fishing Opener here in MN and also Mother’s Day weekend as well.  According to my oldest daughter we are going to Stillwater and walk around, have a nice meal at a eating place she has chosen there. Of course the best part is just being with them, so whatever they want to do is good for me.

But I just want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms.


Lemme: Yes, Happy Mother’s Day.


Lemme: Fishing opener…yum.


Lemme: Hey….


Lemme: …now there’s a butt in my picture.


Mandy: Yes, so take a hint, Lemme and butt out, you blog hog.


Lemme: MOM, Mandy is picking on me!

2010 03 14-19 103[5].jpg


October 16-17 2010 024[5].jpg

Fidget: Be nice because it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  Yep, I’m the good kid.

Happy Friday!


Rain Rain Go Away – May 9, 2019

No Sun this morning.


We did see some snowflakes last night but nothing stuck here. Up about two hours north, Duluth did get quite a bit of snow. Around 10 inches of snow they are reporting.


Have you ever noticed the reflections in raindrops show the world upside down?


Fidget: Look at that.  Interesting!


Mandy: Raindrop reflections, you woke me up for that? Get a life.

Happy Thursday!

You’ve Got To Be Kidding – May 8, 2019

Snow??? Yes it is in the forecast for this evening. We’ll see I guess.


It is gray and windy. The sun is taking an undeserved break from appearing on the landscape.


Mandy: Lemme is really bugging me.


Lemme: I am Ninja Kat!


Lemme: ATTACK!


Mandy: Take a break cat.

Lemme: Wait…


Lemme: was that a bird?


Lemme: Did you see that?  Mandy?  Mandy?


Sorry Lemme, Mandy is busy.

Not much going on around here, as you can see.

Happy Wednesday!


Up And At ‘Em – May 7, 2019


The Sun is up and at ’em today!

But let’s back up a little first:

Friday the painter did come back in and get the painting done.




TA DAAA finished and a pretty good job too.  Still waiting to hear from the tile guy as we were told he would give us a call this week to schedule something to fix the thresh hold piece in our shower.


A little bit moist out in the very early morning:


That is one of the windows in the sun room – on the outside.

So I went outside on the patio to get a shot of the morning:


Misty morning fog early Saturday.

But it cleared up and turned into quite the lovely day.


We finally got to sit out in the evening, before it got dark and enjoy our fire table, patio and some music.  (oh…and some V8 Juice) 😉  The little black ‘thing’ on the corner of the fire table is a speaker with a flickering fire like light inside it.  We wanted to play a card game, but I needed to get something to hold the discard and drawing pile, as the wind would have cards everywhere.  I have that now, so we will give it a try.

We also went to see Avengers: Engame with my oldest daughter and her family. It was a good movie. Long…. Made even longer by the film ‘breaking down’ mid-film. At first folks thought it was perhaps a restroom break, so a lot of them took off to take care of that.  But then the people in charge of the theater came in and said there were some problems.  Everyone seemed pretty cool about the whole thing and I’d say it took about 20 minutes to get back to where we were when it all broke down.

After that we went to Willy McCoy’s to eat. It was a nice enough afternoon to allow us to eat outside.

The relaxing by the fire table was just the two of us here and came after all of the above.


Not a bright start to the day.


A bit of a dramatic sky. These clouds are ushering in:


Got some rain!

Not much happened on Sunday, but we did get a little shopping done.  The later afternoon perked up a bit so while we were out running errands we decided to try a place to eat that we see all the time but never have gone to.  It is generally really quite crowed, but we went early to eat before the big dinner crowd came.  The name of the place is Boondox in Otsego.

It is a very casual place, a very large sports bar. They have volley ball courts in the back. As well as a second house out back for parties and so on. Lots of kids playing in sand. Many burgers to be had, marked gluten free options on their menu which makes it easy for me, having Celiacs. It was good.  Nothing really stands out about the place food wise.  Prices seem fine, not too expensive.  I didn’t take any photos, but if we go again, I will .


I was pretty busy yesterday and never got around to posting, so I will continue playing catch up.


Lovely sunrise. However, as the clouds broke up I thought the sky was pretty interesting.


It was a bit cooler than it had been.  The Sun was out, but the temps didn’t get out of the 50s.  Still, if it isn’t really windy, that’s okay for us.


Guess I put Mandy to sleep.


Lemme: Are you done yet?


Fidget: Put the computer down, empty the lap, make room for me!

Happy Tuesday!






The Wall – May 3, 2019

Hey…look at this!!!


Sun! Yes, we have a sunrise this morning. How great is that.  Makes me start cleaning right away because when the sun comes through the windows, I see everything. So by 7:30 this morning I had the floor cleaned, microwave, counters and other things I could see smears or dust on.


It is still in the mid 30s outside so you can see, or maybe you can’t in this photo but I was trying, frosty dew sparkling on the grass and a bit of a mist in the air.

Nice, though they are saying it may still rain off and on. Enjoy it while we can. 🙂

Hopefully, the wall will be finished today, I mentioned it yesterday, and we will be done with that.


The guy is here working on it now, he has the vacuum on as he sands so it makes it less dusty.

Mandy is not amused, she is really not big on the vacuum so this is how she was when it all began:


She was standing in the vicinity of the work, panting and yawning…she does both when you make her nervous.

But I talked her down, and also she must have figured to give up the fight because it was going to be going on for a while, and now she is like this:


Mandy: BUT if the guys moves from his current location I am watching!!!!!


Mandy: You may think I’m sleeping, but just try ANYTHING and I will know.

Mandy: Hey he just turned off the vacuum and walked out the door…very suspicious.


You might as well hit the snooze alarm, Mandy, he still needs to paint, he’ll be back soon.

Happy Friday!






Cloudy With… – May 2 2019

…a chance of Clouds.

Yes, you heard me right.


This morning’s sunrise…foggy and gray.  Maybe tomorrow, sun?


Fidget: No sunny spots today.


Mandy: Sigh…well at least my bathroom is warmer.


Fidget: Mom, we know all this murkiness is your fault. Make it go away and bring back the sunny spots.

Thanks for the weather report but Mother Nature controls the weather not your human servant. You don’t fool with Mother Nature:


Love those old commercials. 🙂

Speaking of old, our house is now 8 months old and we are still working out a few kinks.  Especially in one of our main walls.





A bit on the ‘lumpy’ side.


We actually didn’t notice this on our walk-through before we settled as when you have the kitchen lights on, the counter is across from it and creates a shadow on the wall. It is when natural light is bright enough to see the wall in all its bumpiness.

Just to refresh memories, we did a quick walk through on an October afternoon, when it was cloudy and dark like today. The lights had to be on.  At that time we were having to leave for Chicago to be with our daughter that afternoon. They quickly fit us in October 4th (or 5th). Then in order to close on October 11th, we drove back to be here the afternoon of October 10th for an early morning closing the next day, then drove back to Chicago October 12th.  A crazy time but it all worked out.

We didn’t actually move into the house until October 23rd, I think it was. Then left the first of February to be with my Dad who was injured in an accident. We were gone for nearly two months due to that.  So we haven’t really lived in the house all that much yet.  November, December and January was all about moving in and the holidays.  So we are still getting around to things here.

The builder told us not to worry if we missed something, that they would be able to handle fixing things for a year. So far we haven’t found much, but they have honored their word.


They came yesterday and left with the wall looking partially repaired.  They will come again tomorrow morning to sand and repaint.  Hopefully, that will take care of it.

We also have a tile threshold in our shower/drying area that is loose. There is a ticket in for their tile guy to come, but it’s been two weeks and we haven’t heard anything back from him yet. So when they finish the wall, I will let the warranty work manager know we appreciate the wall repair, but still haven’t heard from the tile person.

Other than that, we really haven’t found a lot to complain about with the new place.



Mandy: To chew or not to chew.


Mandy: That is the question.


Mandy: Chew!

Happy Thursday!

Gray Day, May Day – May 1, 2019


may clipart

My oldest daughter, and for a while with my grandson, used to surprise me with a May Day basket on my doorstep.  She liked to do a drop, ring the bell and run.  So sweet and  was so much fun.

Image result for cheap small spring flowers in baskets

No sunrises to report on this week.


This morning.


I haven’t done other posts this week, so let me catch you up:




Day before yesterday – Monday.

Yeeeeahhh – you get the drift. No sun around this week but there are high hopes for tomorrow.

The only event in the last few days is…well I will let Fidget and Lemme explain.


Fidget: Well I was just sitting around not doing anything…


Lemme: Yeah, just sitting around.


Fidget: The next thing I knew I was crated, transported and ended up in the Vet’s office. This is me in the Vet’s office, apparently hiding was not going to stop what was to come. THE  ANNUAL PHYSICAL and vaccinations.

I dug my claws into my hiding spot and they had to move it out of the corner…well let’s just say it took two people to remove me so the Vet could examine me.


Lemme: Yeah, two people…wait…




Lemme: I don’t mind going to the Vet’s place, I don’t even mind the car.


Lemme: Come to think of it, Fidget, you are a real pain in the tail when we go. Loud, obnoxious and a real brat about it.


Fidget: Lemme is the definition of ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. 

I am happy to report, both of the boyz are in excellent shape!

Happy Wednesday!