Gray Day, May Day – May 1, 2019


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My oldest daughter, and for a while with my grandson, used to surprise me with a May Day basket on my doorstep.  She liked to do a drop, ring the bell and run.  So sweet and  was so much fun.

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No sunrises to report on this week.


This morning.


I haven’t done other posts this week, so let me catch you up:




Day before yesterday – Monday.

Yeeeeahhh – you get the drift. No sun around this week but there are high hopes for tomorrow.

The only event in the last few days is…well I will let Fidget and Lemme explain.


Fidget: Well I was just sitting around not doing anything…


Lemme: Yeah, just sitting around.


Fidget: The next thing I knew I was crated, transported and ended up in the Vet’s office. This is me in the Vet’s office, apparently hiding was not going to stop what was to come. THE  ANNUAL PHYSICAL and vaccinations.

I dug my claws into my hiding spot and they had to move it out of the corner…well let’s just say it took two people to remove me so the Vet could examine me.


Lemme: Yeah, two people…wait…




Lemme: I don’t mind going to the Vet’s place, I don’t even mind the car.


Lemme: Come to think of it, Fidget, you are a real pain in the tail when we go. Loud, obnoxious and a real brat about it.


Fidget: Lemme is the definition of ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. 

I am happy to report, both of the boyz are in excellent shape!

Happy Wednesday!



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