Room-scape – April 26, 2019


This speaks a lot to Hound vs. Feline.  It is warmer in the house now, due to the sun.  I look up because I hear heavy breathing and it is Mandy.  She is laying with her body on the softness of the rug, but with a large part of her body on the coolness of the floor, she is still too warm.  Lemme, a black kitty, chooses the sunny spot on the rug because he feels one can never be too warm.


And then there is Fidget laying in the hall, because it is closer to the food AND he can watch everyone in case they want to feed him.

Nice day today, not as warm as yesterday and supposedly snow tomorrow and Sunday. Though I doubt we will see if up here, north of the cities, we’ll see.


Mandy: Did you just say S N O W? Bad Mom…Bad, bad, bad Mom!

Happy Friday!

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