While on our last camping trip we decided to go and explore Niagara Caves in Southern Minnesota.  It is said to be the largest cave in the Midwest and is located in Harmony Minnesota.

So down we went.


Many of the pathways were very narrow and/or very low.


There is a falls inside the cave, so water rushed through in various areas.


Beauty every where around us.


Looking straight up.


New formations – it is a live cave, or active.


The falls inside the cave.


Though not the best photo, I will post it anyway because regardless of quality it is a very cool  formation.


Outside the cave we found a flower garden with these vibrant beauties in bloom!

The cave was worth exploring if you are in the area!

Camping At Lake Louise State Park

Weekend before last we went camping at Lake Louise State Park, MN. The weather was variable the terrain muddy and wet.  Bug report – no problem…no ticks or other pest-ies really bothered us. The wood was wet so it was tough to get in a campfire but we tried. Biking, hiking and sight-seeing were all part of the fun.

Following are random photos from our trip.

If you have been a regular on this blog over the years you will recognize this stance, it is the ‘Navigator’ stance often done at several points throughout our hike. Most usually done when Geo-caching. “Ummm – where are we?”  “What does your phone say, mine says …”


Little Guy and Ruby finally decided this navigation stuff was for sissies and just decided to lead the way.



A live demonstration of what will happen if you fall into the swirling waters of the dam.


Yup…the dam. Right there (point point). Winking smile


Mandy was all… uh close enough folks!!


But some people just *have* to get a closer look!

Gotta’ go right now – but this will do for Part 1 of Camping at Lake Louise! More to come!