December 14, 2018

Not much to talk about today but the weather… it is beautiful outside high will be around 35 degrees – which is fairly warm for December in Minnesota.


Another nice sunrise…can never have too many of those!

Still haven’t wrapped any presents to put under the tree.  I am still getting them in. Maybe I will start later today.


Poor little tree, standing all empty underneath.  Part of that is because I know the cats AND the dog will not leave the gifts alone and it would be nice to get to Christmas morning with presents all intact.

I thought I had a photo of the time I left Mandy home alone with presents under the tree…with no short little expen around the tree.  Let’s just say I found out a lot of things the kids were giving me ahead of time. 😉

BUT as I was looking for a photo of that (which apparently doesn’t exist) Look what I came across!

2010 12 24 - 30 Christmas and Dogs 229_thumb[3].jpg

That was Mandy right after we got her.  We got her right after Christmas when she was 2 years old, now this year she will 11 on January 1, 2019.

2010 12 24 - 30 Christmas and Dogs 226_thumb[3].jpg

Mandy now:


She almost looks like two different hounds!  All of the dark fur on her face has turned to white.  She is even sweeter now as an old lady than she was as a youngster.  Such a good girl…even if she does like destroying Christmas wrapping! 🙂

Ummmm – guess that’s it for today!

Hey, it’s Friday!!!


Happy Friday!

December 11, 2018

Sunrise today!




Beautiful morning.

During the weekend we did all sorts of things.  One was to go past our old house and see what changes the new owners made…well on the outside, looks like they are also redoing the inside.  We were in the area and just did a drive by.


This is how it used to look:


Looks like they painted the brick white and though the garage doors were brand-spankin’ new – they changed those out too.  It’s all good – their house now.  A good face-lift for the place. They kept the front door, which was super nice with a beautiful side light, left it the same color. Good to see they are taking good care of it.

Another thing we did was go to the Monster Truck Jam on Saturday. That was fun! We enjoyed it.


This was the local guy from MN.








The Minnesota driver did really well.


This is Max D (I think his name is). He was super Awesome!  I have a video and I will see if I can get it up on the blog for folks to see.

And of course…


The ever popular Grave Digger was there as well as Son of a Digger.


Mohawk Warrior was there, he ended up losing his Mohawk when he landed on the roof  after a jump.   Even though he rolled his car at some point, he came back to do other events.  Some of the cars that were running, by the time they finished the free style event, only had the inside frame left of their cars left. The outside of the body was smashed all over the track.


And going also allowed me to see the inside of the new stadium – US Bank Stadium where the Vikes play.














Here are a couple of consumers I recognized….


Consuming…. 🙂



Mandy: TOO loud for me, I stayed home!

December 6, 2018 – Lights and Action


I like Christmas lights in the house (and outside too). I will have to get a photo of the outside lights.



Around here today:

Mandy has been playing a lot lately. Toys all over the place…

And the result is:


Mandy: Mom leave me alone…I’m tired! I have been working pretty hard!

And then there are these two guys –






Both of them have ‘TROUBLE’ for a middle name.


Fidget: WAIT!, I have a middle name?????   I didn’t know that…..Cool!

Happy Thursday!

December 4, 2018

We had a lot to do this last weekend, mostly with the motorhome.  We had to drive it up to the dealer in Garfield, MN – couple hours away… and during the drive to pick it up there was hoarfrost making it look like a wintry fairyland.20181201_104431.jpg

Nope – not a black and white photo….this is actually the way it looked that morning.



All we did is take the camper to ‘another’ place to have things done from the Dealer who did the maintenance.  Once it is done at the place it is at now…working on the chassis,  we will go and get it (this coming weekend) and take it over to another place where they will finish up the work needed and store it until we leave on our vacation in a few months.

And this is the newest member of our family…we will be paying for it for sometime to come. 😉


We needed to get a plate put on the car in order to accept the tow bar on the camper so we can pull it around.  Here it is attached to the camper.  Better photo at a later date.  It is a Chevy Equinox.


Mandy: And this is what you do on cold gloomy dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

Happy Tuesday!