February 1, 2019 Goodbye Polar Vortex


Yesterday’s sunrise. Though we kept the shades down, I still peek out to catch the lovely colors.  Today, not seeing it yet today, it is hiding so far.


Weather looking a little better.  Well to us here in Minnesota anyway, my Dad down in Florida still things we are all crazy for living here.  He was in the military all my life, a lifer. From 6 years of age all the way until I moved out on my own at the age of 19, we moved occasionally more than once a year.  That is how I got to Minnesota in the first place. But he has experienced winter here, so he knows.  We didn’t stay here long, less than two years.  But it is where I graduated High School, and though I had to go with them when he was stationed in Japan, Minnesota is where I returned.  Got married a year or so later only to have my husband move us to the Washington DC area.   BUT when we had a daughter, we moved back to family…yep in Minnesota. We have been here every since.  I can tell you it was Not the weather that caused all the ‘returns to Minnesota’. It is the people.  Though a beautiful state, the weather can be a bit on the brutal side…but every place seems to have its form of brutal weather.

That all said, I have been talking to a lot of folks down in Florida for the past 3 days, and not one of them, even the police department, has missed a chance to give me grief for living in Minnesota right now.  Makes for a great ice breaker (pun intended) when needing to talk with them. I tell them I am in Minnesota and they start giving me grief, a good rapport is established and then we get down to business.


Mandy: You’re killin’ me Mom….enough babbling!

Okay, Mandy, I hear ya.  But…I will also mention that the reason I have been in contact with so many Floridians is because my Dad was involved in an accident down there, a Golf Cart vs car accident.  He is currently in the hospital, though very sore and has a cracked pelvis….he is doing pretty well.  He wasn’t driving, but was a passenger, in his own cart. So it has been a hard few days for him. Still finding out things here and waiting to talk with him today, but hoping it is good news (well considering the circumstances).

Happy Friday!