December 21 – Wrapped

Happy Winter Solstice!


Doesn’t really look like this today.  This is a sunrise from a few days back. Now there is no snow and no sun. Cloudy, gray and dark inside the house this morning.

So…what’s new around here. Let’s see, OH yes….

I spent the last couple of days accomplishing a task I really dislike and I am not really very good at.


Gifts are all wrapped and ready! Yesss!!  Oh, and due to  Mandy, Fidget and Lemme not being able to wait for the proper time to unwrap the presents, we have a short Expen wrapped around the tree    No longer do we have a sad, lonely looking tree, it has lots of friends. Now it just looks incarcerated.

Also, a few days ago was my birthday and my husband gave me a new Galaxy Smart watch. I have since added a new face to it for the holidays!


Snow falls in the background, cute. And when I tap it, it switches to Santa.  This watch does a lot of pretty cool things.

I found out, using my phone, which is also only a couple of months old, I could make my on emoji.  So I did that – took a selfie and then it walked me through all of the options to create one that supposedly looks like me.



Hummm…so what I didn’t know is that it created an entire set of emojis doing different things.  I find them pretty funny and I was looking for a gray hair streaks option but it was not offered.  What???

Yeah…that’s me… I look just like that.


Anyway….okay moving on.

So dealing with this a lot these days – see below:


One little kitty…


With bad intent….


When you put this cat together with something he shouldn’t really have there is generally chaos, so I gave him a box he can get into easily. Normally he shoves himself into a very small box and looks like this.

cat in small box.jpg

We will have to see what he can do is a box that is larger than he is.

That’s it for now.

Happy Friday!





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