December 19, 2018 – Stuff

Okay – lots to cover so let’s get going!


Yesterday – yet another beautiful sunrise.  Not so today though, gloomy and grey.


This sunrise shot was from the day before the one above.  We have had warm weather for December and you can see there is a bit more snow on the ground in the above photo taken day before yesterday, than there was for the one taken yesterday morning.

Now I am going to complain –


So I started taking a new probiotic and when I opened the new product…this is what I found. This big plastic container held 30 capsules.  I mean seriously – what a waste of everything associated with this item.  Takes up too much shelf space, waste of resources, total overkill to sell the product.  So I won’t buy it again, I will look for another, plus when I got it the seal was broken underneath the cap.  I counted the capsules and they are all there, but I just thought is was disturbing on all counts.

Okay – done with the complaint. 🙂

Day before yesterday was my birthday and the kids came over in the evening for a little bit. Always so much fun to see them.

Especially my grandson.20181217_181319.jpg!

Who is generally pretty silly. This is actually a tree topper he has on his head.  But I think it fits him very nicely.  They were getting ready to leave and I had this hanging on my coat stand by the door, just to ‘holiday it up’ a little in the hallway by the door.  He couldn’t resist.

Last night was his first Band Concert and the 6th grade band rocked the house. Photos below


Waiting for it to start.


Getting ready to begin below.


Below – Playing in their Holiday Hats.


And the hat he is wearing actually is a Tigger Christmas hat his mom got when we took her and her husband to Disney World one year.

We have photos of her wearing it…I will have to find the photo and scan it in. It was before digital photos I believe.


And then it was over.


The kids cleaned up the stage, put chairs and music stands away and then came out to meet their fans.


Who is this guy in the funny hat??


Yep – the famous baritone player we had just heard on stage!  Job well done, Sir! 🙂

I also mentioned that I want to show you the decorations on the front of the house.  I will have to take some photos when it is dark out, I just never remember to do it.

But I did take some, though it is still light out.

First you can see  – next to none of the houses on our street are decorated.  Just a couple.


This is looking down the street toward the house, it was a bit darker outside but my cell makes the photo look lighter. Not sure why folks out here don’t decorate much.  Could be because, like us, they have just moved in, in the last few months?


Coming up on our house, that’s not one of our cars in front – the neighbors on both sides of us have their family over all of the time, and probably some friends….So there always seem to be cars parked in front of our house. Since they have their kids over so often, I am surprised they don’t decorate as well.  The neighbors DO say they really enjoy our decorations though.


Not a lot for the first year.  We don’t have our gutters on yet so we will have to take everything down so they can put the gutters on, otherwise we’d leave up the light ‘holders’ all the time. They are clear and you can’t see them very easily unless you hang the lights on them. So we stayed away from hanging them on the entire front of the house this year. We are getting older so maybe we won’t ever do more than this…we will see next year. But this year we were having to find everything due to only being in the house for a month at the time we hung this stuff up. So nothing real fancy.



Not out the window of our house, but close to where we live.  I always do sunrises but it was so nice out I just had to take the photos.


So gorgeous – never get tired of them.

Just want to leave you today with this thought:


Just sayin’….  😉

Happy Wednesday!