December 4, 2018

We had a lot to do this last weekend, mostly with the motorhome.  We had to drive it up to the dealer in Garfield, MN – couple hours away… and during the drive to pick it up there was hoarfrost making it look like a wintry fairyland.20181201_104431.jpg

Nope – not a black and white photo….this is actually the way it looked that morning.



All we did is take the camper to ‘another’ place to have things done from the Dealer who did the maintenance.  Once it is done at the place it is at now…working on the chassis,  we will go and get it (this coming weekend) and take it over to another place where they will finish up the work needed and store it until we leave on our vacation in a few months.

And this is the newest member of our family…we will be paying for it for sometime to come. 😉


We needed to get a plate put on the car in order to accept the tow bar on the camper so we can pull it around.  Here it is attached to the camper.  Better photo at a later date.  It is a Chevy Equinox.


Mandy: And this is what you do on cold gloomy dayzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “December 4, 2018

  • Wow, you guys got an Equinox. Good choice. I’ve had two of them now. Last one leased for three years and now a new replacement for another 3 years. Beautiful little trucks. Love them!!! Love your new home too! And your sweet little Mandy! 🙂


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