Weekend Update – May 14, 2019


Sunrise. Very nice out right now.

This last weekend was Mother’s Day weekend and Fishing Opener.  I hope everyone got to do things they wanted to do and had a nice Mother’s Day.

We met my oldest daughter and her family in Stillwater and went to eat at Fellers.  They were pretty good with the Gluten Free items. Service was on the slow side, but the server was nice and the food was pretty good. Being together was the main thing.


I had a gluten free Eggs Benedict, which I used to love to have, but being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, is pretty rare that I find a place willing to serve it gluten free. Which most times means just having a gluten free bread instead of regular bread.


Daughter and husband.


There were little designs painted on the walls.


Got the Grandson to look up from his phone long enough for this photo.




I’d say our family is pretty glued to their phones.  I’m always taking photos, so mine was out as well.  Anyway, after eating we walked a around Stillwater a little bit. They had other things to do so we didn’t have a lot of time to hang before they had to get back. There for maybe an hour or two.  It was cloudy but never did rain.

My daughter in Chicago gave me a call.  My grandson Jordan – her oldest. Did a lot of talking, which we really enjoy.  However, he is all about his grandpa and just wanted to talk to Gpa Bruce.  I guess he calls me Gma Bruce. Oh well I try but Gpa is a very popular guy. It is what it is I guess.



Mandy has her own bottle of wine. It has been around for a long time, but she just re-discovered it.

Squeak, squeak, squeak…


The more it squeaked, the wilder she got.




She has a pretty good time when she decides to play with toys she hasn’t played with for a while.


Mandy: I’m tired now but I have a lot more toys to pull out of the basket!


Photo of an annoyed cat.

Happy Tuesday!









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