The Wall – May 3, 2019

Hey…look at this!!!


Sun! Yes, we have a sunrise this morning. How great is that.  Makes me start cleaning right away because when the sun comes through the windows, I see everything. So by 7:30 this morning I had the floor cleaned, microwave, counters and other things I could see smears or dust on.


It is still in the mid 30s outside so you can see, or maybe you can’t in this photo but I was trying, frosty dew sparkling on the grass and a bit of a mist in the air.

Nice, though they are saying it may still rain off and on. Enjoy it while we can. 🙂

Hopefully, the wall will be finished today, I mentioned it yesterday, and we will be done with that.


The guy is here working on it now, he has the vacuum on as he sands so it makes it less dusty.

Mandy is not amused, she is really not big on the vacuum so this is how she was when it all began:


She was standing in the vicinity of the work, panting and yawning…she does both when you make her nervous.

But I talked her down, and also she must have figured to give up the fight because it was going to be going on for a while, and now she is like this:


Mandy: BUT if the guys moves from his current location I am watching!!!!!


Mandy: You may think I’m sleeping, but just try ANYTHING and I will know.

Mandy: Hey he just turned off the vacuum and walked out the door…very suspicious.


You might as well hit the snooze alarm, Mandy, he still needs to paint, he’ll be back soon.

Happy Friday!






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