Well Okay – April 12, 2019


Frozen screens in the window.  My view of sunrise this morning.


We stayed mostly inside yesterday.  The wind was just relentless and crazy. The sleet pellets could even be a little painful when driven by the wind. Items on the patio blowing away then freezing to the ground. The sound of the sleet against the windows droning on all day, so loud many times, you couldn’t even hear normal conversation.

When I opened the door to let Miss Mandy out, the door hit you in the face it would blow open so fast and SO hard.  The door she goes in and out of is positioned just right and the area is like a wind tunnel. It’s a new development and there is nothing really around the back of the house to break the wind. So I started putting my foot in front of the door  to fight the wind’s push. I would have to lean my body against it to close it.  A seriously weird feeling and lasted all day.


Mandy: Yeah. (sigh)

Happy Friday!


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