It’s Back – April 15, 2019


Sunrise is again visible!




My out of the window shot below.


So good to see the sun again! Hopefully we will get a few sunny days warming us up here.


The downside is that I can see the windows need washing badly.  We moved in during the winter and they didn’t really clean the windows. The builder’s crew wiped the inside, but didn’t do a great job.  I said something about it but they told me they never clean the outside.  Being that the windows are all on the first floor I will probably just wash them, but it is still really muddy and wet outside. New sod was put down the end of October so it didn’t really get a chance to fill in and so on. You really have to be careful about walking in the yard right now.

I’ll get to it, but right now I think about it every time I look out the windows.


Mandy went into the vet on Saturday for a full physical. The Vet just called me and said everything was just wonderful with her. All the tests they did, even x-rays came out with no problems for her.  The only thing is they found a little blood in her urine, so they want me to bring another sample.  It is a little worrisome but he thinks it will be fine with the second tests. So we will bring in another sample.  Fingers crossed.

She is 11.5 years of age (almost) and doing very well.


She got a new pink fuzzy bone for being so good at the appointment. Well…you know Mandy is always a good girl when at the Vet. She is nervous and wants to leave, but always cooperative.


Mandy: Actually, it is more like, hurry up and do whatever so I can get the heck out of here.

She’s looking pretty relaxed right now though.


Happy Monday!

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