April 16, 2019


Up comes the sun.  Another day has begun.




Another lovely sunrise.


View through my window. You can really see the screen this morning.

Not much to report on today so I will go back to our Florida experience. When I left off a few days back we had gone to Fort Wilderness to stay a few days and enjoy the different Disney parks.

I talked about Pandora, which was the main reason we wanted to go. That is in their Animal Kingdom park. We really enjoyed Animal Kingdom and it also had my favorite place to eat during our Disney trip. The place is called Tiffins and it was most enjoyable. The service was great and they did really well in the gluten free food area as I am a Celiac and it is a medical diet for me. The food was great.  The decor was true to the park we were in and had fascinating art work.




He was looking at the art work over my head:


Pretty cool.




If you are going, this place is a nice to stop at to eat and rest up.

While in the Animal Kingdom I also saw this guy walking around:




We have been to Disney so many times I really don’t take many photos any more. So the ones I do take are mostly odds and ends. Things that strike me.

We went to the Animal Kingdom a couple of days so we also ate at the Yak and Yeti.  Not real impressed, they did okay in the gluten free area, a much narrower list of choices. SO LOUD! Service slow.  The food not as good.  I was pretty disappointed. Very crowded as well.


So many people waiting to be seated and the majority of them had reservations.   We did. It was a pretty long wait to get in.




That is what I have for photos of the Animal Kingdom and Pandora (earlier post).

Hope I am not boring anyone.


Fidget: Well I can’t speak for the dog, but the cats in this house think you should shut your laptop and move on.


Mandy: Outside, outside, outside…Gotta’ go!

Happy Tuesday!

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