April 17, 2019


Sunrise! Have a quick look because it peaked out then the clouds took over.


The sun just wasn’t around long. Now cloudy and will be raining soon. Perhaps some thunder, I can see on the radar it is moving in to our area.

That said I will continue with more photos from the our trip.

We also went to the other Disney parks, not just the Animal Kingdom. One day we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. Didn’t take many photos there either and the ones I took were of the Toy Story Mania ride.


When you are coming into the ride it begins to work on making you feel the size of the toys in that movie.  You can see the door dwarfs you and they did that with everything in that room.


Felt kind of weird, but was fun.

Long wait for that ride but again, Fast Pass is the way to go.

As we were walking through the streets we ran in to these guys:




“DA DA DA, da, DA DA, da, DA DA…” (a little Star Wars music)






Rey and Chewy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May the force be with you!

Happy Wednesday!


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