No Sun Today – April 10, 2019


Was looking for a beautiful sunrise.

20190410_060539.jpgPeeking out JUST a teeny bit on the right side.


Still looking but the clouds are just taking over, though a little sun is sneaking a look on the left.

Okay – so by now you must get the drift, no sun today, later snow and LOTS more snow. Some high winds could be thrown in…hey that sounds like a Blizzard. We’ll see.

Perhaps the visitor below should be alerted:


This duck is swimming in a pond of water on the farmer’s field across the road. It is not supposed to be a pond, but alone and looking for friends, he has decided to make it his home. Will he vacate in the next 24 hours due to weather conditions?

Since the weather is on the gloomy side right now a pick me up would be to  talk about the vacation in Florida again.



Leaving the beautiful, tranquil setting of Beverly Beach behind we took off for our next destination.

Fort Wilderness at Disney World.

Now I didn’t take a lot of photos as we have been to Disney World so many times.  But we were pretty excited to see Pandora.

Unfortunately, Mandy could not go, no pets allowed.  So she was either staying with our camper or in Disney Doggy Day Care, which we have never used before.


It was nice but we kept our days short at the parks because of worrying about her being in a new place.  She did okay, but was happy to get back to the camper each day.

They had camera in the room she stayed in but she generally managed to stay in part of her room that the camera did not see.  The funny thing is that with the app. for this video thing they have there, I could talk to her and distribute treats and play music for her.  None of which she found helpful or amusing. Originally she wasn’t supposed to be with us on this two week trip that had been planned, but with Dad’s accident, the whole thing changed and we didn’t know how long we’d be in Florida, so we brought her with us.


Here we go!






Very crowded!  We had fast passes to a couple of things that had wait times of over an hour to get into.

The River of Na’vi:


I took a few photos when inside, of course cameras don’t really do justice.  BUT I will also say that there was over an hour wait for this 5 minute ride, was not worth it.  Had I been waiting THAT long for this attraction, I would have been pretty irritated.  We had a fast pass and didn’t wait nearly that long.

On the other hand, we also had a fast pass for Avatar Flight of Passage so we didn’t wait too long for that one either, but the normal wait time was often close to two hours.  That is really too long to wait in line for any ride.  BUT it was just spectacular.  We loved it and would have done it again if it weren’t for having to wait so long without the fast pass.


The foliage and scenery of Pandora was really out of this world.


Weird flowers. (of course they weren’t real)




I have a lot of photos of the strange things growing in Pandora, but you should go sometime and see for yourself!


Mandy: I love my camper.

Happy Wednesday!

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