April 22, 2019

“Monday Monday…can’t trust that day…” (Momas and the Papas, 1966)


Not a beautiful morning as you can see.

But yesterday, Easter morning, looked something like this:






And though there was rain early on, the sun was offering us promise for the rest of the day.  It came though.

In the morning we were over at our oldest daughter’s house for a Easter brunch. Then in the afternoon came over to our house for a little dinner.

It was the first time I have ever had an Easter dinner quite like this one.

Pizza, salad, fruit, Brazi bites and chocolate cake.  Very casual.  But was requested by everyone attending, a no fuss, fun Easter dinner. So that is what we delivered.  I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.


Neither my daughter or myself were feeling up to snuff. She is just a couple of weeks post surgery, still has another month of recuperation time ahead of her. So she was feeling pretty worn out by dinner time.

I made the mistake of getting a shingles vax on Friday that makes you sick for a few days. And mostly, all I wanted to do was sleep. Man, never felt quite so tired from doing nothing. 😉  It’s supposed to last for like…3 days. So hopefully as today goes on I will feel  more ‘with it’.

This weekend we got stuff for the patio.


Nothing big but just to make it so we could sit out there. A glider, two chairs and a fire table, oh and a plastic recycled rug…thing. I will have to provide a better photo, but it is raining and stuff is covered up. The rug is very light and so the wind picks it up as you can see on the right side of the photo.  I will get some of the ‘tacky’ stuff used to hold it down, though it is like a wind tunnel out there much of the time. But I will give it a shot.  We are also not done and still working on the ex-pen portion of it for Mandy, to make it look better.


Mandy: I am protesting the weather by not eating my breakfast no matter where Mom puts it.  Gloomy days wear me out.

Happy Monday!


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