Today Out My Window – April 6, 2019

20190406_071850.jpgYup…rain. Didn’t see the sunrise today.

Didn’t see it yesterday either. But Thursday…


a gorgeous sunrise!

Spring has sprung with rain instead of snow, though it is dreary, we’ll take it! The area that looks like a little pond across the road from us is actually a farmer’s field…and is not supposed to be a ‘lake’.  But the flooding here from the snow pack, frozen ground and now rain has been a real problem.

On the plus side:


Things are blooming inside. My orchids are doing nicely!


I have three of them. Two of them bloom at the same time and the third blooms some time later. I have had them for years and they go in the camper with us when we are going to be gone for an extended period.

I’m not big on plants but these three have been pretty easy, so they are still around. 🙂

Now quickly back to our stay in Florida with my Dad, on the weekends we would sometimes take a drive just to see what we could see.

We often did that with Dad when we were visiting, he seems to enjoy getting out with us when we go on these little outings.

But since he was in the hospital we would take off for a couple of hours on the weekends, roam around and stop to eat.

One of the weekends we took Mandy over to Sumter’s Landing.


It’s a pretty area, nice and clean, goes along Lake Sumter in the Villages.


There are a lot of shops and eating places, but we stuck to the boardwalk area around the lake.  Stopped for some ice cream, but the seagulls were being fed by some people so birds were loud and flapping all around.  Mandy wasn’t having the ice cream.  It was pretty warm that day so it was melting all over the place. It was quite the mess trying to get her to eat it. We finally gave up and moved on.

One of the places we ate a couple of times was Bone Fish Grill.


This is on the bar side of the place, not the greatest photos when taking them kind of on the sly.


It is a pretty nice place and I do have a better shot of ‘that’….


Yes there was food too! Should have taken a photo of the other consumables.


But by the time the food came, I was all about the food and forgot about photos.  Guess I got photos of the most important part of the meal. 😉

We also took Mandy for evening walks each night. One of the nights on our walk the sky looked like this:


Yep, that is the Moon peaking though the clouds…a hole in the sky. Beautiful and very dramatic.

Happy Saturday!


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