January 29, 2019 – Cold


The sun is coming…but will mean next to nothing in the weather department today. I mean it is good to see the sun and all…but…just sayin’.


So supposed to be even colder as the week goes on. Maybe breaking a record here. But then probably most of you all can commiserate as you are feeling the cold as well.

Mandy wants me to share something with you….


Mandy:  Pleeze put in plumbing for an indoor doggy potty station!!! (see my bathroom above).


Mandy:  Purdy Pleeeezzzzzuuuhhh!

You know, she goes out there and messes around when I am yelling ‘hurry Mandy…hurry!’ Then she starts spinning around and runs in without doing anything.  Only to have to redo the entire act 10 minutes later because she didn’t go.  I try explaining it to her but I am met with this:


which leads to this:


Then in a short time we are back to this:


Rinse and repeat.


Fidget: Mandy Schmandy, the litter box is a cats only facility. Heh heh…cats rule, dogs have to pee outside. Sucker!

Stay warm and Happy Tuesday!



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