January 30, 2019 Burrrr…

20190130_074033.jpgKeeping the shades closed today as there is a thermal property to them and last I looked it said it was -29 outside (that does not include the windchill).

So then, this morning, I started seeing sunlight on the shades and just had to venture a peek.


There’s is:


Sunrise, though anemic.  Not delivering a lot of heat today….so the shades are still down to help keep the furnace from running all so much. Maybe we will save a little on the heating.


Mandy: Oh sure, save on heat, but does she let me do my business inside…NO! She just yells at me, ‘Hurry, Mandy, Hurry!’  I will say that I am no longer taking my time out there. Dang!


Lemme: Hey Mandy, got a box for ya! Heh Heh.

Happy Wednesday!


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