We Are Back! March 26, 2019


Sunrise! This is what it looked like when I first opened the shades.


View out the window looks like this right now.


No alteration of the colors. Quite the beauty this morning.

I haven’t posted for a while because we have been gone for nearly two months. It was an unexpected trip to Florida due to my Dad’s accident. He ended up having a number of complications after his Golf Cart accident and was in the hospital for a little over three weeks and then in rehab 3 weeks, then we stuck around another week while he was adjusting to living back at his home.  We left to come home because my oldest is having a surgery this week and we wanted to be here for that.  But Dad (age 88) is doing okay, still adjusting, but getting there.


The last day we were there with him we took him to his and our favorite place to eat in his area, Eaton Beach.


Mandy came to visit him too.  He loves dogs and always carries dog treats with him. Especially for his little friend, Elvis.


This little dog is truly special.  He is just a love. He and my Dad are pretty tight…though he belongs to a neighbor, they just can’t seem to get enough of each other. 🙂  Elvis really missed Dad while he was in the hospital and physical rehabilitation. Pat is his owner and she was a big help in letting Elvis visit him in rehab and hanging with Dad as much as possible to help Dad emotionally while going through all that happened.

When I picked up Dad’s clothes from the hospital to wash them, he was in a hospital gown, I turned his pants upside down when folding them…a bunch of dog treats fell out of the pocket all over the foot of his bed.  Like I said, he loves dogs, but won’t own another, though I have mentioned several times he should get one.  We had a dog much of my childhood life.

A lot happened while we were down there and so as time goes I will be posting portions of our stay.  We were supposed to be going down for about 2.5 weeks for vacation the middle of February, but Dad’s accident changed all that.  We went early and stuck around for a lot longer.  Because of not knowing how long we would be down there, we took Mandy with us instead of putting her in a kennel for a couple of weeks.  She does well in the camper, but doesn’t like the ‘driving part’ of it.  So normally it is easier, depending on the vacation, on her to leave her at her favorite home away from home.


She seemed to enjoy being with us most of the time we were ‘still’ and not moving in our camper. She owns quite a bit of real estate when it comes to the camper, considering the total square footage vs square footage for Mandy.  Above is her bed in the ‘bedroom’ of the camper.


Mandy: Yes, sleeping in front of the fireplace in the living room of the camper and having a bathroom where it is in the 70’s and 80’s instead of -20s is not all that bad!

A benefit of being down in FL when needing to be with Dad is that it got us out of a LOT of snow in MN and is at least 70 degrees warmer during Feb and March.

Huge thanks to my oldest and her family for babysitting our kitties while we were gone. Love you guys!!!


(yyyeeeahhhh – that is supposed to look like me…so funny.)

More to come.

Happy Tuesday!

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