March 28, 2019 – Still Catching Up


Here comes the sun!


View through my window this morning as the day begins.

Been a busy day so far, just catching up from being gone for so long. A couple of long conversations with my Dad, who is VERY happy right now as he seems to be getting his life back on track after his accident.

He got his golf cart back yesterday and he is a happy guy! He says he is doing much better and sounds like it too on the phone.

He told me that they were making a movie about him and someone was filming him while asking him questions.

Then a little later this video clip arrived in my inbox. Short and sweet…filmed by the folks there at Elan, where he lives. Very, very nice!

About Dad.

Pretty cool…he is a movie star now. 😉


Mandy: This is my hobby!

Happy Thursday!