Hello July – July 2, 2019


A misty morn hides the sun. The farmer’s field across the road is starting to show progress.

This weekend was fairly low key. Got the RV out of storage, weighed it along with the car to determine correct tire pressure and check the tires. Then met the kids for dinner at Biaggi’s. Ran some errands after that.  Also, my mother-in-law was ill so we spent some time at the hospital.  She is doing okay, is still pretty uncomfortable.  Feel Better!!!!

We were up there again last night. But once home again, had a late dinner and I glanced out the window at some point during dinner and saw this


Not sure why the photos are so yellowish – but the sky was a weird color anyway. You can see it is a double rainbow, even more interesting is that it was pretty vivid and solid all the way to the other end….right down to the ground.  I was standing out in a light rain taking these photos.  There is also an interesting coloring between the two rainbows.


Seriously, I cannot recall ever seeing a rainbow(s) quite like this one. (or these two)



Here is one the camera took that the sky looked more normal.


The one above is most natural and agrees more with what my eye was seeing.  I have to say, it was pretty fantastic to witness.

AND the battle for the pink bone fuzzy still continues.


Mandy: Let’s see if that cat can get it now!

Happy Tuesday!


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