Still Dreary – November 21, 2019


Yawn….  Yet another drab beginning to the day.  Never saw the snow here but it is raining.

Not a whole lot going on.  Impeachment hearings going on in the House.  Getting ready for Thanksgiving. Getting in the food I (we) will be preparing. Looking forward to getting the tree up, it always looks so pretty and, I think, warms up the atmosphere of the new house here…though we have lived here over a  year now, it is still considered new for us.

Working on some Christmas gifts, also getting some of the shopping out of the way.

Last weekend attended two hockey games and my Grandson’s team won both.

A good start considering last year, only winning one game all season.  Finger crossed it keeps going well for them. We always enjoy going to these games and seeing our kiddos.

And that’s about it.


Lemme: Not much content but I, for one, am glad you are done. Now put the computer away, I need to use your lap.

Happy Thursday!

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