Ozarks – October 15, 2019

I know the sun must be out there somewhere, but not here.  Rainy and gray here today.

So…more on our Fall vacation I guess…

One of the places we stopped while in the Ozarks was:


An interesting place, beautifully kept up.

Some photos follow:




The parking spots were divided by Fish (on a hook). Weird choice,  just the Fish would have be better in my book. 🙂


Below is the main building. You had to pay a pretty penny to just get in.  Then there was a whole list of activities you could do but the prices were ‘huge’. So we just walked all over where we were allowed without further payment.


Beautiful place.






They also had a nice restaurant, so we had lunch. They actually did a pretty good job in the Gluten Free area.


After lunch we went out and walked all around the place. BTW it was HOT there, in the 90s with a heat index in the high 90s and low 100s the 5 days we were there the first part of September.




If you ever have watched the show where a company builds dream tree houses for folks.  I think a lot of them are built by Treehouse Masters.


This was a multi-level tree house that was built up in their trees.  In we went.  I actually took more photos, but they don’t do the place justice, so I will post one to give an idea.


We were up in the trees a lot on a rope bridge shown above.  It bounced a lot which made me uncomfortable, but it was really pretty.


The shot above was taken from one of the little balconies of the tree house.


Nice water fall and rock formation. Very pretty there.

After walking all around, we took off to see other things of interest and ended up on a lot of:


Yes, very hilly, windy roads.  Went through a National Forest and though it was a nice area, we were not overly impressed.  Guess we have been through enough beautiful places that we just weren’t overly struck by this area.


This is a pretty spot though.  This is Table Rock Lake. There was supposed to be a nice place to eat up around this lake, so we ‘kind of’ looked for it. Didn’t find it but we did find this Vineyard and Winery.


Lindwedel Winery.  A nice, quaint little place. Seems to be very popular, so we stopped and hung out later that afternoon.  Bought some wine and a platter of nibbles.


They had their Blackberry wine just out – it was pretty nummy!

This place was way up on a hill and provided some breathtaking views!


You could pretty much see all of Branson and then some.


They had a great musical duo there. They played all sorts of music, really great guys.


Again, super hot, but up high there was a bit of a breeze which was nice, and they had the most beautiful wall of flowers on one side of the deck we were sitting on.

One of my favorite stops in the Branson area.  Nice folks there too.

And I will stop there for now.  Plenty more to add in future posts.


Lemme: Yes, please stop! Your typing is disturbing my beauty sleep.


Fidget: Well now, if it is bothering Lemme, I think you should keep going.

Uh huh…, Fidge, you just want him to jump down so you can have the spot!

Happy Tuesday!

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