October 14, 2019






Such a beautiful sunrise this morning, I couldn’t stop at just one photo.

Below was the look of the morning on Saturday:


Yes, the first snow of the season which has since melted…thank goodness.  More Fall please!

We also were in Maple Grove again this weekend and hit Nadia’s Cakes once again.


There were 4 in the plastic carrier, but you can see one had already pretty much hit the road before I thought to photograph them.  Then I realized I didn’t take any photos of the inside…well it is pretty cutely decorated, but not sure when I will get back there. Normally I don’t go by the place.  And you can see why – there are still calories in cupcakes that are gluten free. 😉

The one I was eating was the Chi cake and it was really very good.  The other one with the orange sprinkles are the candy corn cup cake.  Then I think one …ack, can’t remember. I think the one in the back with the white frosting is the gf cookie dough cupcake and not sure what the chocolate one is anymore. Might be the Birthday cake cupcake.

They are all good so whatever you try, you will like, if you go.


Lemme: Wait, were you gone….?


Fidget: You were gone?  When?

Well it is always good to know you been missed. 🙂

Happy Monday!

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