Vacay and Then Some – September 25, 2019

First things first…


Sunrise this morning!


The moon was still high in the sky when I took the morning photos.

Yesterday it looked like this:


Tuesday – September 24, 2019 Sunrise.


Monday, September 23, 2019


Lovely sunrises.


AND the trip to Branson, MO sort of began with a sunSET.  We were going to leave early on Saturday, but then had the opportunity to leave that Friday afternoon so we took it.


Sunset some place in Iowa.  We stopped in Iowa that evening and then went on to Branson, MO for the first part of our vacation the following day.

Stopped for fuel and did this:


to our beautiful rig. Most distressing.  Never messed up one of our rigs before and we have been using them for many many years.  Kind of put a damper on the spirit, but… it did not keep us from continuing on so I called around to send a new tail light lens to my Dad’s place, we were going there after Branson, so we could fix that at least.  Contacted the insurance company..and did the things necessary to get it fixed when we got back home.

But on with the trip:

Some beautiful scenes in the Ozarks area.


Lots of hills.


Lots of interesting rock formations.


Branson has a lot of Tourist Attractions both man made and natural.


Silver Dollar City is an amusement park.






Our first look at the place.

But then we went to locate the campsite and get settled.  After that we really didn’t do anything until the evening as we didn’t get there until late afternoon.

So more about the stay in Branson next post.


Just got a new pot of Mums to sit in front of the house. Huge bunch of fall color!

Have a great Wednesday!

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